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Appearing in "Crime and Punishment"

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  • Fang (Death)
  • C'efn (Only in flashback) (Death)

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Synopsis for "Crime and Punishment"

Fang attacks Cryan. Cerise intervenes and tells her that she will not allow anyone to hurt her friends or innocent people ever again. They beat each other very badly and then Cerise finally grabs her mouth and pulls her jaws apart ripping her head apart. Fang's body drops to the ground. The Starjammers, Kylun, Phoenix, and Nightcrawler look on sadly. Cerise feels them watching her and turns to them guiltily.

At Braddock Manor, Shadowcat tells Meggan that she is leaving and that she will have to go be with Illyana and Colossus at the X-Mansion. Meggan, still upset about Brian being gone, is still in her "watery" state and ignores Shadowcat. Kitty turns to leave and runs into the body of Brian up the path from the waterfall. It turns out to be Feron disguised as Brian to help bring Meggan out of her depressive state. He goes to Meggan and tries to get her attention. She looks into his eyes and he fades into his real form and goes into a catatonic state. Shadowcat says she will try to leave a note for the rest of the team that they are both "lost".

On Krag, Cerise rises to hug Nightcrawler. He grabs her hands and shows her that they are still covered in Fang's fresh blood. Cerise falls to the ground telling them how dare they judge her. Nightcrawler says that no X-Men would have been able to do such a thing. Guards suddenly attack. Before either side can attack, Cryan stands up and her face and voice changes into Lilandra's. She announces to the Starjammers and Excalibur teams to leave and that Cerise's justice is no concern of theirs. Nightcrawler contests this notion and Lilandra sends out an energy blast that stops them all and tells them that what Lilandra says is law. She goes to Cerise and as she touches her head she announces, "An eye for an eye. A life for a life...," and then she projects a vision of Cerise's memories of that which she was tried upon.

Cerise's memories show that she was on the Shi'ar recruitment ship. C'efn laughs as he is about to destroy innocent Knsashii lives. The blasts rain down on the planet and Cerise begins to cry. She heads to an escape ship and blasts off the ship. She has set an autopilot on C'efn's ship for the middle of the sun. As soon as she flies off the ship turns and flies into the sun killing all on board. She was going to warn Lilandra of what she had done and she is thrown off-course and into a stargate that takes her to Earth, where she first met Excalibur.

Nightcrawler turns to Cerise and apologizes that he ever thought that she was a cold-blooded killer. They kiss and then Lilandra tells all that she is still being charged with murder and mutiny at the very least. Nightcrawler still tries to stop Lilandra from ordering Cerise's exile. Cerise tells him that she must pay her price for her actions. Lilandra tells her that she must serve out the rest of her sentence at her side. Corsair says that he must contain her and he puts chains on her neck and arms. Cerise tells Nightcrawler that she never thought she would love someone as much as she does him. She tells him not to speak and then says that he is her "hope". They kiss passionately and then the Starjammers and Cerise teleport away. Excalibur watches on as Nightcrawler sits alone with only his memories of Cerise.


  • Part 3 of 3 of the "Exile" storyline.
  • This story takes place before events in Uncanny X-Men #302

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