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Synopsis for "In the Name of Love"

Rachel Summers thinks in front of a computer on Muir Island. She is going over the last time she was in the "Proteus Room" on Muir. Her thoughts begin to trail off as she thinks of Captain Britain and how his body parts have been switching places with her own in this timeline. Suddenly, a portal opens and Brian Braddock begins to come through. He asks for her help and she yells to him that he is draining too much power in coming through the portal. She closes it on him and he disappears. She falls to the ground realizing that they both cannot exist in the same timeline together.

Meggan, meanwhile, is being examined by Shadowcat, Moira, and Rory. As they try to diagnose why she is transforming into a monster form, they discuss her abilities and cannot come up with any clues as to her recent depressive state. Rachel enters the room to tell them of what just transpired with Brian and she sees Meggan. She clams up and Rory begins to suspect something of Rachel. Moira shows Meggan pictures of Brian and Meggan turns to look at Rachel, pleadingly. Rory notices this as no one else does in the room.

Nightcrawler enters the containment rooms to confront Spoor. Spoor tells him that he wants to die. Nightcrawler refuses to help him with this and that all life is sacred. Spoor asks if his life is sacred and Nightcrawler again refuses to be manipulated by Spoor and raises his voice to Spoor telling him that he will not kill him.

Rachel walks outside the base and Rory meets her on a cliffside. He asks her what troubles her. Rachel tells him that she is worried about Meggan and knows that she is the only one who can bring Brian back to this timeline. She tells him of her recent battle with Necrom and that after being reborn after the battle she has become "selfish" with her life. Rory tells her that she will not face the immediate future alone.

In Gamesmaster's base, Sinister sits contemplating how to deal with the defeat of his latest plan. He had hired on Siena Blaze to get the DNA template of Proteus from Moira's labs. He chastises Siena for her defeat by Excalibur. He is about to punish her when she says that she was able to scratch Rachel. Sinister grabs her hand and recovers a sample of Rachel's DNA from her and then tells her that she is lucky she got at least this for him.

Rachel goes back inside and thinks for a while about what she is going to do about Brian. She looks at a photo of Cyclops and Jean, her parents in an alternate reality. She also has a flashback to when she was a Hound for Ahab and he forced her to watch Sentinels kill her parents. Rory knocks at the door and tells her that he cannot go to sleep.

Nightcrawler lies in bed naked and thinks about how he is glad that Cyclops and Jean are finally getting married and that someone's life is getting to a state of "normalcy". He thinks to himself about how abnormal his life is. He is going to look after Mystique when he goes to the wedding. He then steps on the balcony and thinks about Cerise and how he misses her.

Shadowcat sits in her room with Lockheed. She sifts through bags filled with items from the X-Mansion that belonged to Illyana Rasputin. She feels horrible that she was not there when Illyana died. She opens a bag and finds a Bamf doll and reads the thank you note from Jubilee inside. She also thinks of Colossus and her recent betrayal of him.

Meggan screams out in the night. Moira rushes in and grabs a stun gun to calm her down and Meggan knocks her out. Everyone enters the room and Meggan grabs Rachel by the neck. Rory feels that Rachel is in danger and he grabs a sedative. He injects Meggan and Rachel tells Rory that he had no right to interfere at all.

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