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Appearing in "Hello, I Must Be Going"

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Synopsis for "Hello, I Must Be Going"

Rachel and the rest of the team return from Cyclops and Jean's wedding in Westchester. Rachel is overjoyed that her "parents" have gotten married and this makes her one step closer to possibly being born. She pulls Shadowcat and Nightcrawler out of their ship while still in flight and the ship falls towards Rory on the ground below. Rachel stops it just before hitting him. Rachel flies off and then runs into Meggan who tells her that she must bring Brian back to this time now.

Alarms go off in the base alerting the team of an intruder. This "intruder" is actually an invited guest of Nightcrawler's. Amanda Sefton arrives and teleports inside the base. She tells Meggan that she is her to offer a different view for Rachel to see that Brian needs to come back to this time. Rachel gets upset that she was brought here for this reason and storms off.

Rachel goes off on her own and hears Brian call out to her across the timestream. She tells him that it is unfair for him to ask her to swap places with him. He tells her she has no choice and her arms turn into his. She hits the wall and tells him no and he disappears. Shadowcat sees the whole thing and asks Rachel why she hid this from the rest of the team. Rachel apologizes and opens her mind to Shadowcat. Rachel shows Shadowcat the pens of the Hellhounds and how Ahab taunted them with freedom they could not take. Shadowcat takes her hand and tells her that it is time they find out what is on the other side and they head out of the pens together.

Rachel meets the rest of the team outside and tells Amanda that she must try to help Brian. Amanda says that she will try to help save them both. Rachel says that she must do this for Brian regardless of what happens to her. Meggan and Rachel join hands and Amanda conjures a spell to open up the timestream. The gate opens and Brian is found. Rory notices that he resembles Ahab during this time. Rachel reaches out to Brian and they exchange places in the timestream. Rachel has a flashback suddenly of all the times that she shared with Excalibur and then she is ripped from this timeline and gone. In her place stands Brian Braddock. Meggan turns to greet her lover and then does not recognize him. He announces that he is no longer Captain Britain, but now is Britanic.

Appearing in "A Demon Went to Church on Tuesday"

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Synopsis for "A Demon Went to Church on Tuesday"

Nightcrawler stands before a burning building. He teleports inside to find that a woman is trapped inside. He rescues her and teleports her outside. Her daughter comes running up and the woman sees Nightcrawler and grabs her daughter to protect her from him. She tells him to get away from them.

Nightcrawler enters a church for confession. He tells the priest to forgive him for being a mutant. The priest notices this and for a moment is frightened. Then he tells Nightcrawler to forgive him for being a human. He tells Nightcrawler that there is no way to stop man's fear of that which is different and he tells him that all beings have their own crosses to bear.


  • Foil enhanced prismatic cover
  • Rachel remembers being one of Ahab's Hellhounds.

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