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Synopsis for "Dog Years"

In Cottbus, Germany, D'Spayre holds Margali Szardos prisoner over the city. They watch as the citizens below break out into mobs of racial violence and discrimination. D'Spayre gloats over all his victories in the past and Margali tells him that his gloating will be short-lived.

In Mississippi, Nightcrawler recovers from his wounds in a hospital. Amanda walks in and tells him that it is time to go and they change into their outfits and leave the hospital. Nightcrawler reveals to Amanda that Graydon Creed is his half-brother and Rogue is his adopted stepsister and that Mystique truly is his mother.

On Muir Island, Shadowcat sleeps in front of the main communication terminal waiting for a communication from Nightcrawler. Suddenly, there is a call coming in from Carmen Pryde, Kitty's father. She does not hear the message but he tells her he loves her. She misses the call and then hears a crash in the base's hangar. She phases to the hangar to find Rory trying to stop Britanic from leaving with the ship. Britanic tosses Rory aside and Shadowcat asks Britanic what is going on. He says that he is on a mission and cannot be interfered with. Meggan steps in and tells Shadowcat to let him go and that he is destined to complete this mission. They get in the ship and Lockheed and Rory watch them go off.

Nightcrawler and Amanda arrive in East Germany where Amanda tells him what has happened to his adoptive mother, Margali. She is exhausted from the trip to Germany and he teleports her to a rooftop to keep safe. He looks over the city and sees the mob from before roaming the streets and about to hurt a young gypsy boy. They are going to kill him and Nightcrawler steps in and saves the boy but then is hit by a brick in the head before he can teleport away. He and the boy are trapped by the mob.

D'Spayre looks on and laughs. Margali attempts to send a spell to help Kurt so he can save her. D'Spayre stops her but she watches Nightcrawler and thinks to herself what D'Spayre has unleashed upon himself by allowing Nightcrawler to come to the city.

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  • X-Men Unlimited #4 - Nightcrawler goes off to search for his mother and learn of his past.
  • Excalibur #75 - Rachel is lost in the timestream while bringing Britanic to this timeframe.

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