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Nightcrawler remembers back to his childhood as a gypsy. He is met by his friend at the time, Christian, who is a human. He has been severely beaten, by his parents, for hanging out with Nightcrawler. Nightcrawler does not understand and Christian runs off. Margali Szardos arrives on the scene and picks him up and tells him that love lasts longer than hate.

In the present, Nightcrawler teleports himself and the young gypsy boy he has saved from the mob to safety. He thinks back to the events leading up to this point and how he looked into his past and then ended up in the hospital and was brought here by Amanda Sefton. D'Spayre then reveals himself to Nightcrawler and tells him that he has his adoptive mother, Margali. Nightcrawler tries to attack and sees he is a vision of the true D'Spayre. D'Spayre disappears and Amanda arrives on the scene. Amanda uses her powers to teleport Kurt to where D'Spayre is located.

In the woods of Maine, Zero runs from some of Stryfe's robots that seem to be hunting him down. They seem to be under a directive from Stryfe to destroy all Stryfe-related data and materials including Zero. Zero is shot and then uses his powers to teleport away and the robots continue their search.

Back in Cottbus, Germany, Nightcrawler has come to D'Spayre's lair and Nightcrawler watches as he begins to drain the power from Margali. Nightcrawler attacks and takes up swords with D'Spayre. While they are fighting, Amanda teleports in and rescues Margali. D'Spayre tries to tap into Nightcrawler's most emotional day and it is one of happiness and this distracts D'Spayre while Nightcrawler plunges the sword into his heart. D'Spayre disappears and Margali is free.

Meanwhile, Zero ends up in a cave in Maine. He hooks up some electronic devices to his body and then a figure approaches from the darkness. Zero tells him that he has finally come. The being tells him that it is part of the Phalanx collective and Zero tells him, "No more." and that he has been "freed". The being then reports that it has memories of Douglas Ramsey in its database.


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