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Synopsis for "Twisted Logic"

Zero teleports Excalibur, Douglock and a human family to Stryfe's old base under the Pentagon. They realize that there are hundreds of Stryfe's droids above them that are inanimate. Britanic demands that Zero tell him why it is that he was summoned here. Douglock steps in and tells Britanic that he will not attack Zero. Meggan zeros in on where they are and learns it is directly below the Pentagon.

In the Pentagon, Forge meets with Valerie Cooper. Valerie passes along a file about Carmen Pryde to Forge as he is now the liaison between the government and X-Factor. Forge feels that the file is too shaky to act on at this time and thinks to himself that Carmen Pryde is on his own for the time being.

On Muir Island, Professor X and Moira work on the Legacy virus cure. Moira tells Xavier that the virus is mutating and they try to figure out what it is mutating into. They determine that they have come down to trying to face a disease that is killing mutants rather than a being they can battle. Xavier remembers back to a better time when they were in love on the French Riviera. Moira begins to cry at this and tells him that she feared the virus was mutating into the unthinkable and runs a computer program for Xavier.

Elsewhere, the Phalanx collective gathers. Stephen Lang tries to determine where Doug Ramsey has gone to. Cameron Hodge tells him that he was removed somehow from the collective. Lang does not know how and Hodge tells him that it would have had to be technology more advanced, such as Sinister, Apocalypse, or Stryfe's. A shadowed figure tells him that it is beside the point and does not affect their plans.

The family thanks Zero and Douglock for saving them from the robots before. Shadowcat tries to figure out who Douglock is and why he is taking on the form of her old friend, Cypher. She phases his electronic systems and he "melts" to the ground and she tells him to stay out of her way. Britanic still wants to know what the mission is and Meggan tells Zero she feels his emotions. Zero grabs her and says that is it and this proves he is a sentient being and not just a robot. At this the lights on the robots turn on and they start to report that they must destroy Zero. Zero announces that he holds the key to the Legacy virus inside his systems.

On Muir Island, Xavier wonders what the program is that Moira has shown him. She tells him that it is a model forecasting the final stages of the Legacy virus. She says that she has learned that the virus has mutated and is now going to be able to infect the human population. She says that she has personally uncovered evidence of this and shows him a DNA sample of this.


  • Part 2 of 3 of "The Douglock Chronicles" story arc.

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