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Synopsis for "Excalibur's New York Adventure"

Captain Britain surprises New York City - and especially Clark Kent

After saving the world from Inferno, Excalibur stays in the New York Plaza Hotel for some days. The day after the Inferno, Captain Britain awakes in broad daylight and discovers that his teammates are gone. Nightcrawler left a note that he was going to retrieve the old X-Men Blackbird from the Lockheed Facility in California. The X-Men are considered to be dead, so Excalibur could use the jet for transportation. Kitty Pryde left a note that she travelled to the X-Mansion to retrieve some personal belongings. Meggan, who is illiterate, left no message but disappeared nevertheless.

Kitty meets the New Mutants

Brian Braddock is worried about Meggan and feels guilty for being drunk and neglecting her. His suit was destroyed during the Inferno event, so he puts on the hotel's gym togs and flies from the hotel roof in order to find Meggan. The people in the streets are cheering when they discover the flying super hero, one of them is Clark Kent.

Nightcrawler retrieves the confiscated X-Men Blackbird

Meggan is depressed. She remembers her time as Goblin Princess during the Inferno Event and regrets that she tried to kill her teammates. Crying, she hides at the beach of Coney Island where she is discovered by a group of young women. The women take her along and try to cheer her up.

In the meantime, Kitty arrives at the X-Mansion. There she meets the New Mutants who are trying to rebuild the destroyed mansion. She argues with them about intervening during the Mutant Massacre and together they mourn for the dead X-Men and Doug Ramsey. She also meets Illyana who was reverted to a small girl and who turns Kitty down.

Rachel Summers visits her baby brother Nathan

Captain Britain is still searching the streets of Manhattan for Meggan. Suddenly, he discovers a woman with a child down in the streets who are threatened by an approaching car. He lands in front of the car and stops it with his body, saving the civilians. The collision with the car destroys his gym togs and he realizes that he is naked and surrounded by a curious crowd and the police. One policeman borrows him a blanket and he runs into a near sports shop to buy a new gym tog. His muscular body gets a lot of attention from the bystanders. While he tries to fly away, a pocket thief steals his wallet from the back pockets of his trousers. In addition, he discovers that he apparently lost all his super powers and cannot fly anymore. The police call him a taxi and he is forced to continue his search by car.

Meggan and Brian - reconciled!

Meggan got some new clothes from her new friends. When they visit a cinema, she meets a young man and is immediately attracted by him. Without realizing, her outer appearance adapts and she suddenly resembles the young man. They dance and spend the afternoon together, but when he tries to kiss her, she changes her appearance again, repelling him with a scary look.

Kurt Wagner reaches "Skunk Works", the Aerospace research facility of the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation. The X-Men Blackbird is hidden within the facility and became part of a secret research project. He teleports inside the jet and steals it.

In New York, Captain Britain is still searching for Meggan. When the taxi driver demands his fee, he realizes that his wallet was stolen. The taxi driver calls the police who arrests Brian and strip-searches him. Brian tries to explain that he is a super hero, but when he is asked to demonstrate his powers, he cannot even lift a car. Apparently, he lost not only his flight powers but also his enhanced strength. The curious crowd is disappointed and leaves the scene, but he eventually manages to lift the taxi, the taxi driver being his only witness.

Rachel Summers left Earth to visit her baby brother Nathan Summers, living with Jean Grey in the X-Factor Headquarters. She doesn't want to reveal herself to Jean and Scott, so she silently watches her brother through a window, talking to him. Jean feels her presence, but Rachel disappears before she can be spotted.

Meggan is watching a street basketball match in Greenwich Village and decides to participate in the game. She involuntarily changes her appearance again, now resembling the black basketball players. They allow her to join in the game and are impressed by her skills and agility. Brian, back in the taxi, passes the basketball court and recognizes Meggan. He jumps out of the car, runs to her and manages to fly above the crowd (which costs him all his strength of will and concentration). Meggan meets him in the air and they kiss.

Back in the taxi, Meggan explains Brian that she is capable of defending herself. Brian is worried about his powers getting weaker and weaker. Meggan's powers seem to be affected as well; she shapeshifts involuntarily, adapting to the emotions and people around her.

Upon reaching the Plaza Hotel, Meggan pays the taxi fee which shames Captain Britain.


  • While Captain Britain indicates that Nightcrawler is retrieving the X-Men's old Stratojet (the X-Men are supposed to be dead), Nightcrawler refers to the jet as the X-Men Blackbird.
  • The back cover features a portrait of King Arthur, surrounded by the members of Excalibur.


  • Clark Kent makes a cameo appearance in Manhattan. He is enthusiastic about the fact that New York City is full of super heroes.

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