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  • Stryfe's droids

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Synopsis for "Out of Time"

Shadowcat does "surgery" on Zero by phasing into his electrical systems and reaches in and removes the self-destruct unit inside of him. Zero tells the group that he holds the key to the Legacy Virus that Stryfe put inside of him. Britanic tells him to give them the information as the places is exploding around them.

On Muir Island, Rory greets Nightcrawler and Amanda as they return from their recent battle in Germany with D'Spayre. Nightcrawler gets hit with a telepathic wave from Xavier. Nightcrawler teleports into the base and finds Xavier in front of the DNA hologram where he recently learned that the Legacy virus has mutated to the human population. Professor X goes to look on Moira who has fallen asleep.

In Stryfe's base, the team looks for a way to save the humans from the base's destruction. The place begins to explode and lava seeps in from the floor. Meggan controls this flow and saves the humans. The lava however, has melted off Zero's face.

On Muir Island, Amanda confronts Rory about his recent revelation of becoming Ahab. She tells him that he must get a hold of himself and not allow this revelation to take over his life. He may become Ahab or he may not. She tells him that he cannot be sure either way and that he must savor every minute we are given.

Zero tells the group to leave and that he must remain behind to direct the blast sequences. Shadowcat phases the children up to the surface and Britanic, Meggan and Douglock take the parents to the surface through a lava tunnel. Douglock goes back to try to rescue his friend, Zero. Stryfe had left a recorded message for Zero and announces to him that he is now sentient and that he gives him a full awareness of the Legacy virus and as soon as he learns this he grabs Douglock and downloads the information to him. The base then explodes and Douglock gets out just in time as Zero is destroyed. The government then surrounds Excalibur as they are in the Pentagon's main yard.

Professor X returns to Moira's room and he goes inside. She is standing at the window and she is going on about how it may be all "her fault". He does not understand and she goes on about her being more susceptible to the virus because of her giving birth to a mutant or being around Illyana all the time. He suddenly realizes that the human DNA with the virus was actually Moira's and that she is infected with the Legacy virus.


  • Part 3 of 3 of "The Douglock Chronicles" story arc.

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