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Appearing in "Beginnings Middles & Endings"

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Synopsis for "Beginnings Middles & Endings"

Britanic recalls what happened to him as he tumbled through the timestream recently and saw a star explode and take out a civilization as he watched. He floats through space being hurled along by the blast. A chronological wave swept him along to somewhere else. Britanic discusses how he was changed by this experience from Captain Britain to being Britanic. Meggan tells him that she understands and that she is happy he is home.

Shadowcat sits in a pub with Douglock and discusses Doug Ramsey's past with the New Mutants. Douglock does not understand this and Shadowcat says she is showing him these pictures to see if there is any bit of Doug in Douglock. Shadowcat gets upset at Douglock's lack of respect for what she is trying to do and she gets up and leaves.

In Paris, Professor X takes Moira to the Eiffel Tower after learning that she has the Legacy virus. He is trying to show her all the things that they had once talked about doing but that she never got to do in her lifetime. They go around Paris and she tells him how grateful she is for this but that she wishes she could have changed before he brought her to Paris since they are dining in nice restaurants and such.

Meggan walks with Britanic along the cliffs of the lighthouse they once lived in. Britanic confuses what happened in Earth-616's past and what he saw in the timestream. Meggan then asks him what is going to happen to them in the future and Britanic laughs. He then tries to diagram the realities in the timestream on the side of a cliff. She tells him she understands and that she has changed as well and that they will learn about their changes together.

Shadowcat walks out of the pub and sees a few thugs beating up a flower salesman. She intervenes and uses her powers to stop them. They run off leaving their leader to be beaten up by Shadowcat. She knocks him out and then realizes that her argument with Douglock has her more wound up than she had thought.

Moira and Xavier sit at the restaurant and laugh over their meal. Xavier has planted the thought in the people there that Moira is Princess Diana and they think that she is royalty. The waiter gives them the check and tells Moira that she is a "femme fantastique". She asks Xavier what he thinks and he tells her that every time he sees her it is as if it is the first time.

Meggan and Britanic talk about their love for eachother while Douglock finds Shadowcat and tells her that he now remembers the people from the photo. He tells her that he is sorry and that he does not want to be left alone. She apologizes for her outburst earlier and tells him that she would like him to join Excalibur.

Moira and Xavier walk along the Seine River and she trips and falls into his arms. They embrace each other and kiss passionately. They then begin to laugh and Moira tells Xavier that she appreciates the trip to Paris and knows that there will always be a place in their hearts where they will love each other, forever.

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  • Excalibur #80 - Forge bails out Excalibur after they are captured by the Pentagon.

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