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Appearing in "Bend Sinister"

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Synopsis for "Bend Sinister"

The Soulsword was once bonded to Illyana Rasputin[1]. After her death[2], the Soulsword was bonded to Shadowcat. Shadowcat has forgotten about the Soulsword during this time.

Bishop delivers medical supplies to Muir Island for Moira. She thanks him for his support and says she appreciates the weekly deliveries he has been making. Shadowcat sits outside and watches Douglock try to take in life after the Phalanx. She wonders if life will ever be normal again. Nightcrawler teleports to her and brings her to Bishop. Bishop tells her that she has some packages from the X-Mansion that he has brought her. She opens one of the boxes and finds it is filled with clothes.

In Cairo, Amanda Sefton wanders the streets as a tourist and is being watched by the tourist police very closely. She walks past a beggar and the woman greets her as daughter. The woman is Margali Szardos and she tells her she has been on the winding way and their meeting here was not coincidence. Margali tells her that there is a sorcerer named Gravemoss who stands before her on the winding way. He can use the sword to advance to the front of the way. She tells Amanda that she must protect the one who holds the sword from Gravemoss and the sword itself.

On Muir, Meggan is having a sudden convulsive attack. Moira gives her a sedative as Brian holds her down. Shadowcat walks in as she is bringing in her supplies Bishop gave her. Unseen by all, the reason for Meggan's sudden attack is a magical field that disrupted the elements around her.

Shadowcat enters her room and opens the boxes that are marked from Jubilee. She tries on the clothes and cuts off pieces to make a new outfit. She stands in front of a mirror to look at her outfit and we see a sword sticking out of her midsection. She does not seem to see or sense it. As she walks past a few other mirrors we see her body morph into a metallic being.

In London, a woman named Shrill recovers from a recent spell. She tells her servants that she was in some pain as the Soulsword was not drawn but is close to being drawn. She mentions that she has a Soulsteel Eye[3] that she has and when the sword was drawn by the last holder often, she was put into a comatose state. She also has a Soulsteel brooch that she uses to find the Soulsword and plans to never let anyone draw the sword again.

Shadowcat strolls through rooms and comes across Moira's. She breaks a few items and rummages through her drawers and finds some cigarettes. She lights one up and puts on a jacket of Moira's. Moira walks in and tells her to take her husband's[4] jacket off and to help with Meggan in the labs. Shadowcat refuses and talks down to Moira and then burns her with the cigarette butt. Moira slaps her and tells her to leave and then Shadowcat punches her in the jaw. Moira looks at Shadowcat astonished to see this reaction from Kitty. Shadowcat then sees the Soulsword that is burning out of her abdomen. Shadowcat draws the sword from her body and looks at it in awe. Shadowcat then raises the sword above Moira and threatens her life with it.

Nightcrawler hears a loud crash from upstairs and decides to investigate it. He is about to teleport and in that instant, time stands still. We see a being standing in front of Nightcrawler. He is Gravemoss, the sorcerer and he uses this moment to grab Nightcrawler and open his mouth and then transports inside of him, possessing him.


takes place before Uncanny X-Men 318

  • Based on an original idea by Lobdell.
  • Art: page 1 by Sienkiewicz, pages 2-22 by Dodson and Carani.

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  1. Illyana had used the Soulsword in her adult-form of Magik
  2. Illyana died in Uncanny X-Men #303
  3. This is the first mention of Soulsteel as being what the sword is forged with, when it was really created by the soul and lifeforce of Illyana
  4. Joe MacTaggert was killed by Proteus, their son, during Uncanny X-Men #125 - #127
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