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Quote1.png You said that the Legacy Virus has been infecting humans rather than the mutants it was designed to kill. That information was generated here on Muir Island. There are only two humans here. Rory has spent no time around infected mutants. It's you, isn't it, Moira? You have the legacy virus. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Back to Life"

In Thailand, there is a man who lies in the middle of a crater. There is smoke rising from the scene and debris everywhere. We zoom out and see that there are also bodies lying around this man. His name is Pete Wisdom. He is a British agent of a secret organization. He begins to cry as he stands and looks around him. He has just decided to quit the intelligence department and he appears to be the one who killed everyone in the area.

In Genosha, we see a group of Genoshan mutates who are dying and starving. Then we see a figure shooting bullets at Pete Wisdom. Pete remarks that they are "biting"...and a mirror smashes. This was just a vision of Brian Braddock's. He has just finished modifications on Moira's hovercraft. Shadowcat enters and says that Moira is on her way to speak to him about his modifications and she was not happy. Moira enters and questions Brian's conversion of her hovercraft into a ship he is calling the "Midnight Runner". He mentions that it was built for medical purposes and she then thanks him for the changes.

Shadowcat gathers the team together later and says a ship is approaching and it is using old frequencies to hail them that W.H.O. used to use. Forge had told Kitty that W.H.O. had disbanded. The craft announces that they must meet with Excalibur to give them some needed information and Nightcrawler approves the landing so they can meet. As the plane lands, three people get out. Brian notices the last person out is Pete Wisdom from his vision and he fears that his vision may come true.

They all meet in Moira's kitchen and the guests introduce themselves as Black Air agents. They then tell Excalibur that they are needed to go to Genosha to find out where a new weapon that can kill mutates originated. They say that Pete Wisdom will accompany them there and act as a non-combatant. They then depart and Wisdom tells the leader, Scicluna to make sure that after the mission's end that he get what they "agreed" upon.

Douglock ventures into Rory Campbell's room to see if he is going to join them in Genosha. He tells him no and Douglock talks to him briefly about the ethics of using war to get freedom to fight more wars. Douglock also sees a crest bearing a picture of a being and transforms his face into his likeness. Rory tells him he is busy and that Douglock should leave. Douglock leaves and Rory wonders about getting involved with anything having to do with mutants since he thinks that any wrong move by a mutant may cause him to gather enough rage to turn him into his future-self he saw, Ahab.

Nightcrawler talks to Moira about their leaving for Genosha. Moira says she will stay to work on the cure for the Legacy virus. Nightcrawler asks her about her revelation that a human had been infected with the virus and that the information originated on Muir Island. He has deduced that she must be the one infected[1]. She denies it and he says it has to be true. She tells him to help people in Genosha since this is what she wants.

Excalibur and Wisdom head for Genosha and they are there in a matter of moments using the Shi'ar technology in the Midnight Runner jet that Brian created. He is proud of his new plane and happy that he made it himself. Shadowcat talks to Wisdom about sharing some of his "expertise" with the team since he was brought here as an adviser. He tells them to look at the death on the Genoshan streets. Brian sends out a remote viewing camera that he had installed. It jettisons and flies around the city showing them all the dead and dying mutates on the streets. They suddenly are hit by rockets and the plane plummets to the ground. Brian yells out that they killed his plane. As they near the ground, time suddenly freezes. Everything turns to glass as a timequake causes everything in this timeline to be destroyed suddenly[2].

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  1. Moira learned of her infection with the Legacy virus in Excalibur #81
  2. This begins the "Age of Apocalypse" storyline and Excalibur picks up in the comic book X-Calibre
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