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Synopsis for "Fire With Fire"

Pete Wisdom tells Excalibur about the dangerous and murder-happy Scratch, who has apparently captured Douglock. They realize that the Hellfire Club is working with Scratch’s organization, Black Air. In London, Brian Braddock and Scribe watch a pillar of fire arise in the city and disappear; Scribe says the Hellfire Club’s magician, the red Queen (Margali Szardos), is testing her powers, utilizing a power source underneath London. Braddock contacts Pete Wisdom and says they should not wait to act.

The Hellfire Club’s royalty prepares to enact their plan. They meet with representatives of Black Air, and reveal that their link to the power source is Douglock’s severed head. Overnight, in their respective locations, Braddock and Excalibur plan their assault on the Hellfire Club. The Black Queen (Emma Steed) is visited by Onslaught in her quarters and asks if she is ready; she says no but it doesn’t matter anyway.

The Red Queen reveals herself as Margali Szardos, who has already used the Soulsword to kill the other magicians ahead of her on the Winding Way, and now plans to use Douglock’s head as a link to an even greater source of power. But when she touches Douglock’s head she cannot control the power it transmit. Fires begin appearing all over London and hate-filled riots break out, as a long-buried demon is freed from confiment, towering over a burning London.

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