Quote1.png What is it with the X-Men lately? First Kid Phoenix, now this? Too slow... Are you recruiting nothing but babies? Quote2.png
-- Viper to Husk

Appearing in "The Devil's Own (Part 1): Save the Life of My Child"

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Synopsis for "The Devil's Own (Part 1): Save the Life of My Child"

"Courtney Ross", as White Queen of the Hellfire Club, sends Viper to secure the African nation of Zanzibar as a part of her plan to control the island of Genosha.

Meanwhile, Professor X and Magneto continue their discussion about what to about Scarlet Witch, while outside, Callisto, Shola Inkose, Karima Shapandar, and Dark Beast discuss Magneto's new abilities and powers.

In Zanzibar, President Jono Baraka welcomes his guests and introduces Angel, founder of a new program "Mutantes Sans Frontieres", Mutants without Borders. While Angel and Husk are dancing, the country and embassy are attacked by Viper and the Weaponeers. Angel and Husk attempt to move the president to safety but are quickly attacked. When Husk is immobilized despite having used her powers, President Baraka reveals himself to be a superhero: Askari, The Spear. He attacks and defeats the Weaponeers on the ground while Angel demolishes their air forces.

Viper, on board of one of the Weaponeer ships, then joins the fight, but suspects a double cross from the Weaponeers. Viper begins to defeat Husk and Askari while Broadband monitors their fight from Genosha. Upon seeing that the X-Men members are in trouble, Callisto, Shola, and Karima decide to join the fight by using Hub's teleporting power.

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