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Viper to Angel

Appearing in ""The Devil's Own - Part 2 of 4: Gonna Have a Revolution""

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Synopsis for ""The Devil's Own - Part 2 of 4: Gonna Have a Revolution""

As the Weaponeers search houses in Zanzibar, Callisto, Shola Inkose, Karima Shapandar all teleport into town, courtesy of Hub. They immediately attack and defeat a Weaponeer team. Further away, Viper and Askari continue their fight when Angel swoops down and picks up Viper. While they battle in the sky, they are attacked by Weaponeer aircraft and Callisto joins in to help Angel. They all crash in a fiery explosion. Shola manages to severely damage the Weaponeer Assault Barge and the Weaponeers send Scimitar into the battle.
Askari, Husk, Karima, and Hub walk to General Umbaja's residence where they are confronted with Scimitar and Weaponeers who have taken the General and his daughter, Taniqa Umbaja, hostage.


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