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Appearing in ""The Devil's Own - Part 3 of 4: The World is Mine!""

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Synopsis for ""The Devil's Own - Part 3 of 4: The World is Mine!""

The Weaponeers and Scimitar have taken General Umbaja's daughter, Taniqa, hostage and square off against Karima Shapandar and Askari. The heroes attack and Taniqa escapes with Scimitar in pursuit. Husk intervenes to save Taniqa, but she is defeated and captured by Scimitar, who takes her on board the Weaponeer's Assault Barge along with the captured Askari and Karima.

Meanwhile, Angel, Viper, Callisto are trapped under a pile of rubble. The ladies argue while Angel supports the wreckage and keeps them safe. They are rescued by Shola Inkose and they formulate a plan to get them on board the Assault Barge.

Once on board, Angel attacks the bridge while Shola cripples the Assault Barge. The heroes defeat the Weaponeers and Viper shoots Scimitar in the back, seemingly killing him.

President Baraka later rewards the heroes with medals and thanks them for their help in saving his country. General Umbaja makes a deal with Courtney Ross to exchange the captured Weaponeer technology for bank loans and development grants.

Back in Genosha, Professor X sends his astral form to visit Doctor Strange. He asks him for his help in curing Scarlet Witch. Dr. Strange comes to Genosha to assist.

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