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Quote1.png "Survival of the fittest, Baldy." Quote2.png
Unus to Professor X

Appearing in "Food Fight - Part 2 of 3: Who's Better, Who's Best!"

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Synopsis for "Food Fight - Part 2 of 3: Who's Better, Who's Best!"

The heroes are prisoners of Stripmine, the Trolls and Appraiser. They have been infected with Neutralizer Nannites which have canceled their powers. While Stripmine and Appraiser discuss what to do with their captives, Unus arrives, joins the discussion and notices that Freakshow is not with the others.
Outside, Freakshow is pursued by two of the Trolls, who eventually tag him with Nanites although Freakshow escapes into the island. Hub briefly entered the battle site, but teleported back to her teammates when the Trolls spotted her.
Meanwhile, Appraiser has fitted the rest of the heroes with collars which put them into a mental state where they live their happiest fantasies. However, as Appraiser attaches the collar to Shola Inkose, the Nannites stop functioning and his powers return. Unus attacks Shola and when Appraiser is knocked out, the collars that Professor X, Magneto, Callisto, and Wicked are wearing cease to function. They knock out the remaining Troll guard and turn to assist Shola, when Dark Beast shows up and knocks Shola out.

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