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Quote1 "Pray, Shola, that my children are safe. For if they have been harmed--I will have my REVENGE!" Quote2

Appearing in "Saturday Night Fever - Part 1 of 3:"

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Synopsis for "Saturday Night Fever - Part 1 of 3:"

The heroes begin their rebuilding of Genosha with Shola Inkose tearing down derelict buildings, Freakshow consuming debris, and Wicked sending her ghosts to look for useful items. Professor X approaches Unus to ask for his help, which he refuses to do.

Karima Shapandar is in the newly built prison, talking to Dark Beast and her other prisoners, Stripmine, the Trolls, Appraiser, and the Magistrates. The Trolls break out, but Karima and Professor X quickly subdue them. Xavier offers the prisoners the chance to help build the new Genoshan society. The Magistrates accept his offer.

Magneto introduces Professor X to two new survivors who have joined the camp, Broadband and Book. Xavier and Callisto make a plan to search the island on foot to help other survivors.

While they are gone, Magneto and Shola's work on their new buildings is interrupted by a transmission which Broadband receives and shows the attack on the Avengers Mansion. Magneto, fearful for the safety of his children, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Magneto then creates a wormhole and teleports away, returning shortly with Scarlet Witch in his arms.


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