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Dark Beast

Appearing in "Saturday Night Fever, Part 2 of 3: What is the Life That Late I Led?"

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Synopsis for "Saturday Night Fever, Part 2 of 3: What is the Life That Late I Led?"

While he keeps watch over his daughter, Scarlet Witch, Magneto reflects on his life, beginning with his time at Auschwitz and moving to his formation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Karima Shapandar arrives and tells Magneto that Professor X and Callisto are searching for other survivors while Dark Beast and the Magistrates are searching underground for equipment caches. Magneto asks Karima to bring Professor X back to him so he can help Scarlet Witch.

While underground, Dark Beast leads the Magistrates to a room with weapons and supplies when they are attacked by an unseen assailant who kills all of the Magistrates.

Karima visits Unus's hideout and asks Hub to help bring Xavier back to Magneto. Hub teleports away, but Karima is able to track her and convinces her to help find Xavier. Xavier, meanwhile, is in the back country with Callisto where they discover an abandoned rail car with children living inside it. Hub arrives, explains the situation and teleports everyone, including the children, back home. While they are getting everyone settled, Dark Beast, beaten and torn, emerges and collapses.

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