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Quote1.png I am Captain Avalon, Lady Saturnyne. Humble servant to my family's kingdom. A role that means more to me now than any you could offer me. Quote2.png
-- Captain Avalon

Appearing in "X of Swords: Chapter 09"

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Synopsis for "X of Swords: Chapter 09"

Ahead of the coming tournament, Saturnyne has invited Jamie and Brian Braddock to the Starlight Citadel. They are received by their sister, Captain Britain. Having learned of the prophecy spoken by Polaris regarding the champions and their swords, Brian has brought the Sword of Might for Elizabeth to wield, believing that she will take it and he will take the Amulet of Right, reclaiming his title as Captain Britain. Elizabeth refuses however, and their argument is interrupted by Saturnyne, who scolds Elizabeth for her behaviour. During a tour to a garden holding monuments to the fallen Captain Britain Corps, Elizabeth and Saturnyne begin arguing over the Captain Britain Corps inadvertently created by Jamie and whether or not they qualify as a new corps, as Elizabeth believes they are, or if they are impostors that to be destroyed, as Saturnyne argues.

As soon as Elizabeth and Brian find themselves alone again, she goads him to draw the sword and fight her. They are again interrupted by Saturnyne, who leads them to their quarters. Jamie is awoken from his sleep by the new Captain Britain Corps, who sneak in to murder him. He quickly captures them, and kills Jubes Lee, before the siblings flee. During the conflict, Brian inadvertently draws the Sword of Might and transforms into Captain Avalon, the sworn defender of his brother's kingdom. When Saturnyne attempts to take the Amulet of Right from Elizabeth to restore Brian to the role of Captain Britain, she destroys it, causing an enraged Saturnyne to imprison her and the Captain Britain Corps, who she means to execute.

Elizabeth contacts the corps, who tell her there is no escaping their prison. Jamie contacts her and helps her escape, and she vows to return for the other captains. The two go to Saturnyne's bedchambers, where she is in the midst of seducing Brian. She reveals that the Amulet of Right is now meaningless, and she has the means of making him Captain Britain by herself. She reveals the Starlight Sword, another of the prophesized blades, and offers it to Brian. Brian plays along with her advances, and when his siblings enters the room, he gives Elizabeth the sword. Brian rejects Saturnyne and accepts his new role as Captain Avalon. He and Elizabeth travel to Krakoa to take up their positions as champions, wielding the Sword of Might and the Starlight Sword respectively.

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Opposition. Despair. The dark night of the soul.


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