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Quote1 Cunning? CUNNING? I'm recognized as the most powerful super hero in all of Europe...and your version of 'cunning' is to attack me -- WITH A TREE?! If I wasn't so irritated, I'd be insulted. Quote2
Captain Britain

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Following the events chronicles in Uncanny X-Men #1. Professor Xavier takes the original X-Men to Braddock Enterprises in England to procure parts for the Cerebro, encountering an unnatural cloud formation on the way and getting hurled into the future - Excalibur's present! After finding Prof. X on their lawn, he explains his plight to Excalibur and it's up to them to track down the original X-Men, now scattered throughout England, and send them back through the portal before the X-Men learn too much about their future - and alter Excalibur's present! This issue features artwork by Ron Lim, Dwayne Turner, Jackson Guice, Rick Leonardi, Malcolm Jones III, Klaus Janson, Brian Stelfreeze, Bob Wiacek, Josef Rubinstein, Jim Palmiotti, Joe Madueira, and Sam Keith - who provides an amazing cover for this all-star jam issue!


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