His Excellency was ruler of Earth in the 30th Century on Earth-49121. In this future world all needs were completely automated and carried out by machines, eliminating the need for original thought. However, the Excellency came up with an idea of taking beings from the 20th Century and putting them in a zoo for his people's amusement. To this end, his Excellency sent his minion Kall to the year 1949 of Earth-616. There Kall tricked a group of prominent citizens into boarding his time machine and brought them to the future. Among those who were kidnapped were private detective Mark Mason and the Blonde Phantom. The Blonde Phantom managed to escape the zoo and transport herself to the residence of his Excellency. However, she was watched the whole way by the Excellency who invited her in. He explained to her how superior their society was and how it was impossible to defeat them. However, when he explained that the people of his future world were incapable of independent thought, the Blonde Phantom did find a means to defeat him: With hypnosis.

Hypnotizing his Excellency, Blonde Phantom forced him to free their captives and pilot the time machine back to Earth. His Excellency accompanied them on the Blonde Phantom's orders in order to prevent him from trying to kidnap people from her own era again. The trip back wiped out everyone's memories except for his Excellency and the Blonde Phantom. Back in her guise of Louise Grant, she was shocked when his Excellency arrived at Mark Mason's office asking for her.[1]

What Louise chose to do with the Excellency and his ultimate fate is unknown.


When living on Earth-49121 his Excellency had an entire army of robots at his command.


His Excellency travelled the 30th Century with a teleportation device.

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