Excelsior was a magical sword created by the first Kree/Skrull hybrid Dorrek Supreme by merging the two ancestral swords he inherited from his parents, the Kree Soh-Larr and Skrull Ryga'a.

Dorrek Supreme (Earth-616) from New Avengers Vol 4 4 001

Dorrek Supreme wielding Excelsior

After Dorrek Supreme's death, a prophecy involving the sword was created, that whoever managed to pull out Excelsior from the stone it was embedded in, would prove himself as the reincarnation of Dorrek Supreme.[1]

Many generations later, the Knights of the Infinite tested the young hero Hulkling, the first royal Kree/Skrull hybrid to be born in thousands of years, to see if he was destined to rule them. Hulkling easily pulled off the sword, and he was deemded king of the Knights.[2]

The sword was used by Hulkling to defeat the evil wizard Moridun, and Dorrek kept it even after leaving the Knights.[1]


Excelsior has potent magical powers being an amalgam of two mystical swords of Kree and Skrull origins. As it stands all of its supposed abilities are vague but the few to name off are as follows.

  • The blade can only be wielded by those of the Dorrek Supreme line, having an enchantment similar to Mjolnir
  • Its mystic edge can absorb and negate magic as well as cancel out extra-dimensional beings like Moridun of The Fifth Cosmos.


  • The name of the sword might be an allusion to a famous catchphrase of Stan Lee, "Excelsior!"
  • This weapon appears to be inspired by The Sword in the Stone from Arthurian legends.
  • Additionally, "Excelsior" and "Excalibur" begin with the same letters. Excalibur is another Arthurian weapon, sometimes mistaken as being the same as The Sword in the Stone.

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