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Quote1 --By the Power of Excelsior! Quote2

Excelsior the Star-Sword was a magical blade forged by Dorrek Supreme through the combination of his two ancestral swords from the Kree and from the Skrull.[3]



Ekz'El-Zorr (later Excelsior) was a magical sword created by the first Kree/Skrull hybrid Dorrek Supreme by merging the two ancestral swords he inherited from his parents, Ryga'a, War-Queen of the Skrulls, and Soh-Larr, the Kree Ultra-Warrior.[3]

Dorrek Supreme (Earth-616) from New Avengers Vol 4 4 001

Dorrek Supreme wielding Excelsior

After Dorrek Supreme's death, a prophecy involving the sword was created, that whoever managed to pull out Excelsior from the stone it was embedded in, would prove himself as the reincarnation of Dorrek Supreme.[3]


Many generations later, the Knights of the Infinite tested the young hero Hulkling, the first royal Kree/Skrull hybrid to be born in thousands of years, to see if he was destined to rule them. Hulkling easily pulled off the sword, and he was deemed king of the Knights.[5]

The sword was used by Hulkling to defeat the evil wizard Moridun the Mage, and Dorrek kept it even after leaving the Knights.[3] Hulkling has continued to use the sword during missions including defeating Celestial Destructor,[9] vanishing Paibok and the New Revengers,[10] and battling Dark Elves during the War of the Realms.[11]

T'Challa (Earth-616) slaying Swordsman (Cotati) (Earth-616) with the Excelsior (Star-Sword) from Empyre Vol 1 6 001

Black Panther using the Star-Sword to slay Swordsman and destroy the Death Blossom

Kree/Skrull Alliance[]

To defend the Great Mound in Wakanda from the attack of the Cotati, the newly crowned Emperor Hulkling lent Excelsior to the Black Panther.[12] With the Star-Sword, Black Panther slew many Cotati warriors and fought one-on-one with Swordsman before ultimately destroying the Death Blossom. Having completed his plans, Black Panther sent the Star-Sword back to Hulkling.[13]

When the Progenitors attacked Throneworld II, Emperor Hulkling slew of the Progenitors singlehandedly with Excelsior. Because Excelsior can disrupt magic, a well placed stab from the sword was all it took to topple the giant.[1]

Sensing the rise of something that would shift the balance of all things, Doctor Doom arrived on Throneworld II to take Excelsior from Emperor Hulkling by force. When it became apparent that Excelsior was loyal only to Hulkling, Doom swapped bodies with him. Fortunately, Moondragon was able to reverse the effects and temporarily trapped Doom in Rocket's body.[7]

Theodore Altman (Earth-616) with Excelsior (Star-Sword) from S.W.O.R.D

Shattered by a Mindless Ones' energy blast

During Dormammu's invasion, Excelsior was broken while Emperor Hulkling was defending Throneworld II from the Mindless Ones.[14] Manifold was able to teleport S.W.O.R.D. Commander Abigail Brand with the team of mutants and the shattered sword to Skrullos where Wiccan could repair it. Although he was initially unsuccessful, Wiccan was able to reforge the sword using the Flames of the Faltine borrowed from Dormammu. To reunite Hulkling with his sword, he and Wiccan activated the Nega Wedding Bands and swapped location. Reunited with his mended sword on Skrullos, Hulkling was able to quickly vanquish Dormammu's avatar.[2]


Theodore Altman (Earth-616) with Excelsior (Star-Sword) from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 6 13 001

Disrupting the magic of the Progenitors

Excelsior has potent magical powers being an amalgam of two mystical swords of Kree and Skrull origins. As it stands all of its supposed abilities are vague but the few to name off are as follows:

  • Heredity Enchantment: The blade can only be wielded by descendants Dorrek Supreme's line, having an enchantment similar to Mjolnir.[5] Although others are able to wield only if given permission.[12]
  • Mystical Energy Absorption: Its mystic edge can absorb and negate magic like Mjolnir's powers[15] as well as cancel out power of beings like the extra-dimensional Moridun from the Fifth Cosmos,[3] and the Cotati.[4]
    • Magic Disruption: The Star Sword possesses the ability to disrupt magic in all of it's forms.[7][2]
  • Summoning: The blade can be magically summoned by Hulkling calling out its name.[10][16][17]
    • Remote Teleportation: Hulkling can will Excelsior to any given location he desires, either warping it into his own hand,[4] or loaning it to an ally with permission.[12]
  • Selective Damage: With focus, the sword can affect select targets while leaving friends and allies unharmed.[4][17]

Alternate Reality Versions

Image Description Source
A.V.E.N.G.E.R.S. Initiative (Earth-15061) vs. Thanos (Earth-15061) from U.S.Avengers Vol 1 2 001

Year 20XX (Earth-15061)[]

King Hulk, alongside other heroes, used his sword to finally kill Thanos for good.

U.S.Avengers #2
Excelsior from New Avengers Vol 4 6

Year 20XX destroyed by Moridun (Earth-16364)[]

King Hulk wasn't seen using Excelsior, but after his reality was changed the sword was seen sitting inside an umbrella holder.

New Avengers (Vol. 4) #6


  • The name of the sword might be an allusion to a famous catchphrase of Stan Lee, "Excelsior!"
    • "Excelsior" is a Latin word translated into English as a motto meaning "Ever upward!"
  • This weapon appears to be inspired by The Sword in the Stone from Arthurian legends.
    • Additionally, "Excelsior" and "Excalibur" begin with the same letters. Excalibur is another Arthurian weapon, sometimes mistaken as being the same as The Sword in the Stone.
  • Hulkling commonly summons Excelsior by proclaiming "By the Power of Excelsior!".[10] This is likely a reference to He-Man who transformed from Prince Adam into He-Man by holding his sword aloft and proclaiming "By the Power of Greyskull!".

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