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The Exclusion, located "between six artificial molecules" beneath the South Pole in Antarctica, is a key location for the Eternals. It serves two functions for the Eternals; firstly, it is where they are resurrected when they die. Secondly, the Exclusion also serves as a prison for those Eternals deemed to have erred so greatly that they themselves are considered mistakes.[2]

Soon after Ikaris was resurrected and Sprite was released, the wardens of the Exclusion were slaughtered and the Machines of Resurrection destroyed.[3]

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  • Machines of Resurrection



  • The place in Antarctica where Eternals were resurrected was identified as "Olympia" in Eternals (Vol. 3) #4 (November, 2006). Olympia continued to be stated and shown as being in Antarctica throughout the rest of Eternals Volume Three (2006-2007) to and all of Eternals Volume Four (2008–2009). They were distinguished from each other in Eternals (Vol. 5) #1 (January 6, 2021), with the Antarctica location renamed "The Exclusion."
  • When Ikaris was most recently resurrected, there were eight Eternals imprisoned within the Exclusion. Only four of the errors for which they were Excluded have been revealed.
    • The first to be Excluded was "U" (Uranos), who thought that the best way to fulfill the Eternal Principles was to scour the Earth of anything but Eternals.
    • The most recent was Sprite, who nearly murdered all of the Eternals when his attempt to free himself from his station of Eternal Child almost destroyed the Machine.
    • The other two revealed sins were apocalyptic auto-deification and siring a creature that killed half the galaxy with a single finger click.[2] It has been confirmed that that creature was Thanos and that his parents A'Lars and Sui-San are both Excluded.[3]
    • The specific crimes for which Uranos ("U"), Kronos ("K"), and A'lars/Mentor ("A") and Sui-San ("S") were excluded were, respectively, attempted omni-genocide, auto-deification, and unsafe lineage. The true identities and crimes of "E" and "H" and "T" have not yet been revealed.[4]

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