This entity was a mysterious servant of Hela's whom she sent to Earth. Doctor Keith Kincaid was comatose after a battle at Memorial Hospital, and the entity used his body as a vessel to walk among mortals and spy on Thor (then disguised as the paramedic Jake Olsen).[2]

"Keith Kincaid" lurked in the background of Thor's life for several months. He killed Marnot, the humanoid form of one of Odin's ravens, when Marnot tried to reveal his secret.[3] "Kincaid" also identified Amora the Enchantress as another immortal spying on Thor, in the identity of Jake's partner Christine Collins. After Amora revealed her true form by passing through the Mirror of Mysolljh, "Kincaid" did the same, revealing his true form to Amora alone.[4]

When "Kincaid" appeared next, it was as Skurge the Executioner, which he claimed was his true form. Thor now possessed the Odinforce, however, and was unconvinced. He handily defeated the entity, returning it to Hela in its true form and warning the Goddess of Death not to trifle with him in the future.[1]


  • Superhuman Strength: Executioner was strong enough to overpower somebody as strong as Tarene. [1]
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Energy Projection: Executioner could project powerful blasts of energy from his hands.

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