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Eight powerful entities made the Wager of the Octessence over who was the most puissant. They each made a mighty artifact that would empower a champion. These champions would divide humanity into 8 groups using a machine. They would then battle, with the remaining champion gaining control of Earth for their master.[1]

Each entity made an artifact:

Eventually each artifact was found and the finder transformed into their avatar:

  • Bedlam (Olisa Kabaki): Empowered by the Ivory Idol of Ikonn. Possessed powerful psionic and mental control abilities. Found in Kenya.[2]
  • Carnivore (Andreas Zorba): Empowered by the Fearsome Fist of Farallah. Possessed superhuman speed, coordination/fighting ability, and claws. Found in Andes, South America.[3]
  • Conquest (Bridget Malone): Empowered by the Kestrel Key of Krakkan. Possessed enhanced fighting skills and a wide assortment of weaponry attached to her costume. Found in Northern Ireland.[2]
  • Decay (Yoshiro Hachiman): Empowered by the Verdant Vial of Valtorr. Possessed a "touch of death" that caused organic objects to disintegrate. Found in Tahiti.[3]
  • Inferno (Samantha McGee): Empowered by the Blinding Brazier of Balthakk. Possessed the ability to fly and project blasts of heat, as well as above-average combat skills. Found in Canada.[4]
  • Juggernaut (Cain Marko): Empowered by the Crimson Crystal of Cyttorak. Possessed superhuman durability and strength. Found in Korea.[5]
  • Stonecutter (Utama Somchart): Empowered by the Ringed Ruby of Raggadorr. Possessed superhuman strength and combat skills, and the ability to design and build the "God Machine", which would drain humanity of its free will. Found in Thailand.[6]
  • Tempest (Nicolette Giroux): Empowered by the Waterfall of Watoomb. Possessed the ability to turn into wind, becoming intangible and able to fly and create powerful hurricanes and wind storms. Found in Australia.[3]

Cain Marko found the first artifact and became the Juggernaut. But apparently the process was halted when the temple was buried under rubble. Years later, the others formed. This drew the attention of Professor X, Spider-Man, the Avengers, Nova, and Loki. Juggernaut was unwilling to go along with the others.[1]

They battled the Avengers on numerous occasions, with Captain America finally able to convince Bedlam to stop the others. They soon vanished. When Juggernaut returned, he explained that he had defeated the others, but had been weakened by Cyttorak as punishment for his betrayal.[7][8]

Eventually they regrouped, save for Bedlam, to attack Manhattan, where Carnivore was killed by Black Knight.[9]

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