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Exemplars Squad
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Beast's Squad
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Beast (advisor)
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With an increasing number in the student body, Cyclops & Emma Frost reorganized the Xavier Institute's educational and training program.[1] The Exemplars Squad was advised by Beast.[2][3]

Field Day

The Exemplars Squad held fourth place for most of the field day rankings.[2]


  • Angel - Angel Salvadore had a pair of insectoid wings mounted on her back. She is the only known member of the Exemplars Squad. Depowered,[4] and current whereabouts/status unknown.


After M-Day only 27 of 182 enrolled Xavier's students retained their powers. The Exemplars Squad was disbanded along with all the other X-Men Training Squads.[5]



  • The squad was possibly named after the Exemplars, a team of godly-empowered villains, encountered by the Avengers and Professor X, both related to the squad's adviser Beast.
  • The Exemplars Squad is never seen fully on-panel.

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