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Synopsis for "Days of Then and Now"

Blink discovers an Earth they were supposed to save, but did not because they were chasing Proteus during the World Tour. Iron Man, Nighthawk, Wild Child, and Luke Cage from that reality died because they did not receive help from the Exiles.

So, Blink decides to help an alternate Kid Omega by acting as the Timebroker through Gambit's old Tallus, which was given to him by the Nighthawk from the reality where the Exiles had battled Weapon X, Earth-4400, allowing Quentin to transport himself there on his own.

There he meets Spider-Woman and Power Fist from the Vi-Locks reality, Earth-8545, as well as an alternate Spitfire. Finally, he ends up in the Age of Apocalypse where he saves Wild Child. Blink then sends all five heroes to replace the deceased heroes from Quentin's reality, Earth-91172.


  • Takes place during Exiles #100.
  • Divided into eight separate chapters with different artistic teams.
  • Earth-4400 was first seen in Exiles #43. That world's Nighthawk was first seen in Exiles #45 as a young boy.

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