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Appearing in ""A World Apart" Part 3"

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Synopsis for ""A World Apart" Part 3"

Galactus takes one in the back

Galactus has arrived. On a view-screen earth’s super-beings watch in awe as he starts to assemble his machinery that he will use to consume their planet. Although they have honed their abilities for years while fighting each other in the Skrulls’ arena, they are much more inclined to follow orders than lead; the Exiles will have to take the initiative.

Morph and some of earth’s greatest minds explore the abandoned Skrull headquarter. Whenever they reach an area sealed off with encryption codes, Quicksilver uses his speed to try out every possible combination. Yet one door still doesn’t open, so the Banner-Beast breaks the door, despite the danger of it being booby-trapped. The room is the weapons arsenal. While the weapons are distributed, Morph, Sunfire and Mimic discuss. They know that the Skrull weapons won’t be enough to stop the World Devourer, or actually the Skrulls wouldn’t have run away. Mimic is happy that they have a Reed Richards among the heroes; even though he is not as advanced as in most other realities, he is already exploring the weapons and their possibilities and making fast progress. The Banner-Beast comes over with a device held in a force field cube, asking if this is what Morph was looking for. Morph confirms it and is relieved, this device might be capable of bringing Galactus down.

Blink tells the Exiles about the plan. They have multiple options, and they will try out each of them. If all fails Galactus wins. Reed will stay behind in the command central while the Exiles join earth’s heroes on the field. Thunderbird interrupts, he thinks that Nocturne should stay behind as well. Talia tells him to be quiet, she is fine, and actually the best pilot of the team, so she is needed. Blink wants to know what the matter is and Thunderbird reveals that Nocturne is pregnant, with him being the father. At first Talia was not sure, but during the month the Exiles were held captive in the arena, it became obvious. The team is startled, but Nocturne says that she is up to fighting, and as the pilot she won’t get into direct battle anyway. Thunderbird is still against it, but Mimic points out that if Galactus succeeds the entire planet will die. Nocturne and Thunderbird hug each other. Mariko says that it’s all unfair, such a moment should be a happy one.

T-Bird beats Galactus

Somewhat later the attacks start. At first a series of missiles are fired, but they can’t penetrate the force field around Galactus and his machinery. Nocturne’s ship leaves airspace, and special Skrull technology shifts into place. From command cental Morph makes the floating technology fire a tight beam of energy, but again Glactus and his machine are untouched. Blink and Mimic are observing him from the hills. Suddenly they get aware of the Captain and a group of heroes. They found a hole below the force field and snuck in, attempting to battle Galactus, yet they are no match. Annoyed by them trying to damage his machine, Galactus kills the entire group with one look, much to the horror of the observers in the command central. Next up is a attack of Harvey (Mole-Man) and his subterranean creatures. It took them long hours, but they brought a giant bomb underneath Galactus’ spot. As Harvey causes it to explode, the ground beneath Galactus and his machine gives in and fall into a crater. With the force field down, and Galactus climbing out of the crater, Blink gives the order to attack. Led by the Exiles, earth’s hero close in.

The Thing, Colossus and the Banner-Beast combine their strength, while Sunfire, Johnny Storm and Ororo Munroe attack from the air. Usually Galactus ‘ herald would deal with such attacks, but the master prooves that he can deal with it too, and the heroes are sent flying. Havok, Cyclops and Mimic use their longe-range energy blasts to fire Galactus in the back, and the Skrull technolgy fires another beam, making Galactus tumble and fall. Now it’s time to use the device from the Skrulls’ weapon arsenal – it’s an anti-matter bomb. The Banner-Beast wants to explode it next to Galactus, but before he can even get near him, he is knocked out, by a wave of Galactus' hand.

Thunderbird witnesses and instantly knows that it’s up to him, as other strong heroes like the Thing, Colossus or the Abomination are too far away, and the chance to injure Galactrus while he is weak would be gone. He grabs the bomb and transforms into full battle mood. As he jumps onto the World Devourer’s back he thinks of his father, his brother and his entire race. Thunderbird punches a hole into the mighty foe’s armour and places the bomb inside. His last thought is of Talia as the device goes off. The anti-matter triggers a chain reaction and energy within Galactus gets consumed. He feels a new level of agony he never endured before and realizes that there are other worlds in the universe that he could consume with less trouble. Galactus teleports away. Earth’s heroes approach the battle site and find the burned form of Thunderbird.

A little bit later, he has been brought to the infirmary of the command central, where Reed, Morph and Mariko among others try to understand the medical readings. Sunfire tells the others that the problems are not the burn injuries. John has recuperative abilities and they can already see signs of healing, but the problem is his mind. They can’t pick up any brain waves – Thunderbird is either brain dead or in a deep coma, probably to never wake up. Nocturne is shocked, she refuses to accept this. Sitting by John’s bedside, she says that John will get through this, and as long as it takes they will be stuck in this reality, since they can’t move on without him. Blink apologizes, but the Tallus tells her otherwise. Right then a hole in reality opens and a white furred Sasquatch appears. Sasquatch was sent by the Timebroker and is the Exiles’ new member, and the next mission awaits them. While Talia shouts John’s name, the Exiles teleport and fade out. Thunderbird is left in the care of Reed Richards and the heroes of this earth.


  • This story is reprinted in Exiles Ultimate Collection Vol. 1.

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