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-- Deadpool

Appearing in "Another Rooster in the Henhouse" Part 1

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Synopsis for "Another Rooster in the Henhouse" Part 1

The Exiles and Weapon X have to work together to rescue David Richards, a child who will grow up to be the world's most powerful mutant.

We find out that Sasquatch is a Black Woman named Heather Hudson, instead of a White Man named Walter Langkowski like on Earth-616.

Nocturne is no longer pregnant, and is still depressed over leaving T-Bird.

Blink meets up with Sabretooth, her father figure from their home reality, and we get a little back history about both teams regarding past missions and teammate changeouts.

Weapon X has had four teammates die, while Exiles has only had one (with another mortally wounded).


  • This story is reprinted in Exiles Ultimate Collection Vol. 1.

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