Quote1 Charming. An A-Bomb made completely from plastic components. Apparently, father, they feared you, most of all. You'll prove them wrong, Dad. Quote2
-- Magnus

Appearing in "Sins of the Father"

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  • Plastic Nuclear Bomb


  • Wrecked cars, trucks and a school bus.

Synopsis for "Sins of the Father"

Most of the Exiles assumed the one they were looking for was Professor Xavier. They Exiles freed Xavier from his cell and discovered he was obsessed with revenge against the people who imprisoned him. He knocked them out and went on a rampage, killing thousands.

Exiles (Multiverse) from Exiles Vol 1 2 0001

Bummed about freeing Xavier

Now they've discovered they should have sought out Magneto. Magnus, who is Magneto's son on his world, felt guilty for not having realized his father may have been a leader in other realities, and vowed to make amends.

The Exiles split into two teams, one team attempting to stop Xavier, and the other freeing Magneto. Off the coast to Tahiti, Magnus freed Magneto and many other superhumans with his magnetic powers. However, the prison was rigged to trigger an atomic bomb if any of the mutants escaped. Magnus attempted to dismantle the bomb unsuccessfully, because it was made of plastic to keep Magneto from deactivating it. Left with no other choice, Magnus encased the entire island, including himself, in a magnetic field, sacrificing his own life, and thus saved that reality's version of Magneto so he could survive to make a difference.


  • This story is reprinted in Exiles Ultimate Collection Vol. 1.
  • On page 12, there is a printing error in which Domino's hands are Caucasian while the rest of her body is white.

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