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Quote1.png All I'm saying, big man, is that if you run into a horse-faced dude named Beta Ray, just hang onto that over-sized nutcracker of yours. Quote2.png
Morph (To Thor)

Appearing in "Legacy Part 3"

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Synopsis for "Legacy Part 3"

Blink is screaming out in pain as she continues to be assimilated by the Vi-Lock Legacy Virus in the Infirmary of the Avengers Headquarters. Hours later, the doctors there have her stable, so Pym and Mimic discuss the options for the planet. It seems the Vi-Lock Primes will retaliate for the invasion of their Mainframe, annihilating the remaining human population on Earth, and beginning their assault on Space. If not stopped, in 1000 years, Vi-Locks will be the only race in their universe.

Elsewhere, Morph is coaching Rachel Summers while she calls for help using her telepathy.

In the Avengers War Room, Pym spells out the plan to the Avengers and the Exiles. Since Mainframe is fueled by a massive nuclear reactor 50 miles below it, alongside the stockpile of nuclear weapons they were keeping from the humans. The plan is to fly a ship carrying nuclear weapons into the core of the Mainframe, causing a chain reaction of explosions that will eventually split the Earth in half. A kamikaze pilot will be needed to fly this ship, and Nocturne volunteers, since she is the best pilot in the group.

In the infirmary, Mimic apologizes for being whiny to a heavily sedated Blink, and tells her that if she wakes up, he'll think of something better to say to her.

The Warbird (the ship) is fueled, and Nocturne is ready for takeoff when she's knocked unconscious. Flying at break-neck speed, Mimic took her place, and in his armor form, he's cut off from all communication.

Rachel finally succeeds, and help arrives in the form of The Asgardians! Using their blood in concert with the healing serum they previously developed, Pym designs the cure to the Vi-Lock Virus! Now they need a way to stop Mimic from destroying the Earth. . .

The Avengers contact the Vi-Locks directly, to warn them about the impending attack. They deploy Sauron, Captain Britain, and Falcon to bring the Warbird down, and they are unsuccessful. Just as Mimic is about to fly into the Mainframe, Blink wakes up and teleports to him, explaining the situation and getting him to abort the plan!

18 hours later, they're all back celebrating, the Avengers, the Exiles, and the Asgardians alike, when the Timebroker shows up. He explains that one of the Exiles has completed their mission and will be sent home. The Tallus moves from Blink's arm to Mimic's, and she is sent home. In her place, Magik introduces herself, and the Exiles are left to ponder their future.

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