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Quote1.png I'm Gambit. We're Weapon X... and we're here to set things right. Quote2.png
-- Gambit

Appearing in "With an Iron Fist" Part 1

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Synopsis for "With an Iron Fist" Part 1

Anthony Stark (Earth-42777) from Exiles Vol 1 23 0001.jpg

On Earth-42777, Tony Stark monopolized the world economy, then started a Mutant War between humans and mutants, thinning out the super-human population. He then killed Magneto and afterward, Doom.

No one was left to undermine his authority, and through his manipulations, he becomes Monarch of Earth for life. After hiding from him for years, the Inhumans finally have to surface, starting a new war for their blood. Luckily for Stark, the Weapon X team shows up to help him win.

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