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Quote1.png Super beings that leap from reality to reality righting wrongs? Talk about a load of crap. Quote2.png
-- Iron Monarch

Appearing in "With an Iron Fist Part 2"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:



  • The Tallus
  • Iron Monarch Armor
  • Talismen which counter fortification spells
  • Temporary portal to the Negative Zone


Synopsis for "With an Iron Fist Part 2"

Stark doesn't believe that Weapon X are a team of super beings that leap from reality righting wrongs. He threatens to kill them all until they manage to convince him by telling him they know he killed his father when he was 14. No one else knew this.

They discuss how to break into the Inhumans' G-Barrier, and it seems that Reed Richards created a key in case the barrier fell into the wrong hands and gave it to a man he trusted before he died, Wonder Man.

Unfortunately for all of them, a few years earlier Stark had succeeded in killing the Hulk by dropping a concentrated Gamma Bomb on him, only Simon was about 20 feet away at the time, turning him into an even stronger Hulk than Banner was.

Simon is now living out his days with Wanda Maximoff and a crippled Stephen Strange, protecting their whereabouts with occult magic. Good thing the Tallus can tell Weapon X where to find them. They make their way to the Hawaiian Islands, utilizing talismen created by Storm, their Weather Witch, to steal the key. Of course something goes wrong, and the team is left to defend themselves against in insanely strong and humongous Wonder Man. Luckily they brought a secret weapon, a mini portal to the Negative Zone. Upon promising to throw her a teather line, Hulk (Jen Walters) volunteers to knock Wonder Man into it. She's pretty pissed when no one throws her a line, and she's sucked into the Negative Zone with Simon. (Which apparently kills her, since the Timebroker sends her replacement, Colossus, right after).

With the realization that Stark now has the key to their shield, Black Bolt contemplates how he will stave off his attackers now.

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