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Synopsis for "With an Iron Fist Part 3"

Bolt surveys his people with a heavy heart. He conveys his plan to his wife, Sue Storm, through his body language, and she reacts in horror.

Back in the White House War Room, Stark explains the plan for decimating the Inhumans' holdout. Of course, he manipulates the Weapon X Team into taking the lead, since they have the most to lose if the plan fails.

The Inhumans take Attilan further out to sea while Stark's minions begin the attack. A small division of Inhuman warriors exited the city to fend off Stark's army as long as they could. Among them are Triton, Karnak and Gorgon. Weapon X fights their way to the barrier so they can put the disruptor on it, losing half of Vision's body to Karnak, but killing Karnak in the process.

As the barrier fails, Bolt takes his place above the city, taking one last look at his people. Weapon X leads the charge into the city, only to find that every Inhuman in the city has killed themselves, rather than be captured by Stark's people. Gambit figures out that it's a trap, and starts to scream to his compatriots to retreat, but the entire Weapon X team is teleported out.

As Bolt views Stark's armies flood his city, he screams out "Masada!", which is the legend he took his battle strategy from. It destroys Attilan, and is possibly heard on the other side of the globe.

In the Presidential Gardens, Stark has never felt such a loss in his life. His plans for ruling the Galaxy are ruined now that the Inhumans' bodies were vaporized by Black Bolt's words. What he does not know is that a very small regimen escaped from Attilan alive, with only Sue Storm to lead them. And what Bolt never knew is that Sue could never let Stark continue living. She made her way to him, and murdered him as his guards killed her. With her dying breath, she tells Stark Bolt's plan, to drill in the fact that he has truly lost everything.

In the years and decades to come, Earth-42777 would learn of all the horrible things Stark had done to become the Iron Monarch, and the entire world will learn of the Inhuman's brave sacrifice that freed them of their unholy oppressor.

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