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Mac Gargan (Scorpion)

Appearing in "Hard Choices Part 1"

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  • A Heroes for Hire Jet

Synopsis for "Hard Choices Part 1"

In New York City the President and CEO of Heroes for Hire, Inc. woke up on the wrong side of the bed. On his way to work, Danny Rand is harassed by bums, Spider-Man, and even his secretary, all asking for money. So when he finally makes it into the office, his temper is short, especially when Luke eats the last donut. Needless to say, he has no patience for The Silver Samurai asking for his help defending against Moses Magnum, but unable to pay the five billion required for the basic Avenger Package from Heroes for Hire, Inc. Because of this choice, millions of Japanese people die at the hands of Magnum.

The Exiles arrive in Tokyo amidst the devastation, and Mariko is instantly heartbroken to see so many of her people dead and dying, and her hometown leveled by the horrible earthquake. To make matters worse, the Tallus tells them they have to prevent the Japanese from being saved, condemning them to death. Mariko refuses, claiming that she has to find her parents on this world and help them.


  • This issue debuts new costumes for Mimic, Morph and Sunfire. They will largely remain in these costumes for the rest of the series.
  • The Basic "Avenger Package" of Iron Fist, Colossus, Power Man, Black Knight, Black Widow, and Scorpion begins at five billion dollars.

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