Quote1.png How can the mission be finished when we never began it? Who finished our mission? Quote2.png
-- Sasquatch (Heather Hudson)

Appearing in "Hard Choices part 2"

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  • Atlantean Ships

Synopsis for "Hard Choices part 2"

Illyana explains to the Heroes for Hire Avengers why she killed their teammates while the rest of the Exiles fight to save the surviving Japanese from Moses Magnum and his followers.

Just as Iron Fist and Power Man are about to kill Illyana for killing their teammates, Mimic and Sasquatch arrive and start fighting Magnum and Namorita directly.

Colossus stops his friends from killing Illyana, believing her story that they all need to die to save their reality and the Exiles. He explains as he kills them that the only thing that meant more to him than his friends was his sister. And out from the shadows comes the final Avengers member, The Black Knight.

Mariko, Morph, and Nocturne arrive at this realities' version of Mariko's house to search for this realities' version of her parents. Instead they find this reality's version of Mariko's dead body.

Mimic and Sasquatch are fighting hard against Moses Magnum and Namorita when they blink on to the next reality, confused about how their mission goal was achieved. (Though we're shown that Illyana killed The Black Knight with his own sword).

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