Quote1.png Those boys must live, so you need to stop "bad" Alex--- ---any way you can. Quote2.png
-- The Timebroker

Appearing in "Unnatural Instincts Part 1 of 3"

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  • A Paper Airplane made by Morph

Synopsis for "Unnatural Instincts Part 1 of 3"

Due to the complicated nature of their next mission, the Exiles are transported directly to The Desert Beyond Space and Time, instead of their next world. There, the Taskmaster informs them of the problems that are arising from Alex Summers. Recently, Alex was joined sub-spatially to every other Alex Summers in every other existence, and existed as a back door for the Timebroker, and an easy way to connect to other dimensions. However, like most 'back doors' in programming, Alex began to create 'bugs' in the system, and needed to be destroyed. His death in every existence was carefully planned and coordinated, but a few of him managed to survive, and in one case, two different consciousnesses occupied the same body. (This is the explanation for Alex's travel to Earth-1298, and the entire Mutant X series). These two consciousnesses still occupy Alex of Earth-616's body, and the Timebroker warns the Exiles that the Earth-1298 consciousness was about to take over, killing many people on Earth-616. So their mission is to stop him at all costs.

On Earth-616, Havok and Juggernaut are watching some boys play football on the lawn of Xavier's school. Wolf-cub gets over excited to the point that he seems possessed, and when Alex steps in to calm him down, he gets a huge slash across his chest, exposing his organs. Juggernaut grabs Havok up and brings him to Annie, the school nurse. The Exiles pop in at this point, making everyone in the infirmary agitated by a surprise visit from people they don't know. Of course, fighting erupts between the two groups until Havok of 1298 wakes up in 616's body, and tries to kill the boys. Everyone scatters while Mimic and Sasquatch try to hold off Havok.

On the lawn of the school, the group splits into two, one going to find Wolf-cub, and the other going to get Angel, who has healing abilities that they need. When the first group finds Nick Gleeson, they also find evil wolf mutants! Team two finds Angel and Iceman in White Plains, NY, investigating things on their own, and when Angel is reluctant to go back with them, Magik tells him she's taking his blood one way or the other!

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