Quote1.png Kill me. You have to kill me now before he-- before he regains this body. Quote2.png
-- Havok (Alex Summers) (Earth-616)

Appearing in "Unnatural Instincts Part 2 of 3"

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  • Juggernaut's truck

Synopsis for "Unnatural Instincts Part 2 of 3"

Wolverine, Morph, and Husk find Wolf-cub with the other Mutant-Wolves, and start fighting them, finding that the Wolf-Mutants have bones as hard as adamantium, and are incredibly fast and agile. The Wolf-Mutants begin to tear the three to shreds.

Back on the school lawn, Evil Alex has now gotten access to direct sunlight, making him even more powerful. He starts handing Mimic and Sasquatch's asses to them.

Nightcrawler hears the commotion and looks out the window when Juggernaut, Annie, Carter, and Nocturne burst in to get his help getting Carter to the Hospital.

Quote1.png Verdammter Mist. I knew I should have been more careful. Quote2.png
--Nightcrawler (When he sees Nocturne for the first time and she calls him 'Dad')

Kurt insists on helping Mimic and Sasquatch first, and Juggernaut 'helps' by throwing Nocturne at Havok so that she can possess him, (much to her anger and surprise). Good Alex is able to momentarily regain control of his body due to Nocturne's possession attempt. He pleads with them to kill him before he loses control again, and they don't.

At Lobo Tech, in White Plains, NY, Illyana is ready to fight Angel and Iceman to get Angel's healing blood. After some big talk on both sides, Angel knocks her out with one punch.

Robert Drake (Earth-616) from Extraordinary X-Men Vol 1 1 001.png
Dude, you got steel lining in those gloves?
Conversation Tail.png
Warren Worthington III (Earth-616) from Excalibur Vol 3 11 0001.jpg
No, I'm just bad-ass.
Conversation Tail.png

Sunfire, Angel and Iceman leave Illyana to go help Paige.

Wolf-cub distracts the Wolf-Mutants by telling them where they can find Angel, and a bunch of other mutants to terrorize. They get excited and decide to take Wolverine and Husk as hostages back to the School since they tore Morph, "the pale one", to pieces.

Cain is lecturing Kurt about not knowing how to drive on their way to the Hospital with Carter and Annie. The Wolf-Mutants jump out in front of the truck and begin to attack, and Kurt teleports himself, Carter, and Annie away. In the middle of Juggernaut fighting the Wolf-Mutants from inside his truck, Evil Havok shows up and blasts them all.

Wolf-Cub brings Morph's arm back to the rest of the heroes at the school and tells them what happened and that the Wolf-Mutants are on their way, in the hopes that someone can put Morph back together.

Evil Alex looks for Carter in the truck wreckage, since the kid is what he's wanted all along, but the Wolf-Mutants stop his search to fight.

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