Quote1.png Well... I know people dismember themselves for fun sometimes... you know, just to see if they can wake up and put their bodies back together again... but personally, I just never got around to trying it. Quote2.png
-- Morph (sarcastically)

Appearing in "Unnatural Instincts: Conclusion"

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  • Juggernaut's smashed truck

Synopsis for "Unnatural Instincts: Conclusion"

Mimic, Sasquatch, Nocturne, and Wolf-cub are heading back into the woods to find the rest of Morph, only to be surprised that he's already put most of himself back together, and has been looking for his missing arm for quite some time now.

Elsewhere Nightcrawler, Carter, and Annie are surprised as well, when they emerge from the woods Kurt teleported them into to find that they are smack dab in the middle of a city, which is great, since they were trying to get Carter to a Hospital anyway.

Back at Juggernaut's wrecked truck, Evil Havok is laying into the Wolf-Mutants while Juggernaut, Wolverine, and Husk are all unconscious. After some fancy fighting, the Wolves have Havok pinned down with his powers inaccessible.

The Hospital's ER Doctor reluctantly helps Carter, due to the fact that Carter is a mutant. However, he makes Annie and Kurt wait outside the building, as to not "disturb the normal patients by the site of him (Kurt)."

Mimic, Morph, Nocturne, and Sasquatch fly to the Wolf/Havok battle, and discuss Morph's new ability to live through being ripped apart, as well as the fight that is converging down below them.

Just as the Wolf-Mutants are about to kill Havok (which could possibly be good), Juggernaut wakes up and starts using one Wolf as a bat to smack the others around. Then Wolverine wakes up and starts picking up the spares, neither one of them realizing that Havok is an evil threat. So of course, while their back is turned, Havok blasts Juggernaut in the back, sending him sailing over the treetops. He's then distracted by Husk's nude-metallic form, and is about to have a 'romantic interlude' with her when Angel and Sunfire appear, wielding Magik's magic sword, and smacking him in the head. Havok gets very mad and shoots a plasma blast at them, which is completely absorbed by the sword, to everyone's surprise. Iceman freezes Havok from behind, and both teams begin arguing about weather or not to kill Havok.

Of course, they continue arguing until Havok breaks free, and they're back to square one. Everyone joins in on fighting Havok at the same time, and Nocturne decides to try her possession trick again, this time, with Juggernaut pitching her, Fastball-special style. This time it works, and the Evil Havok's consciousness is shunted to an empty dimensionless void, where the Timebroker appears to finish his destruction personally.

With their mission on Earth-616 fulfilled, the Tallus gives the Exiles four days before the next jump, and they need it. Nightcrawler and Nocturne enjoy meeting each other, and Kurt decides it would be a good idea to give Wanda a call afterwards. Wolverine avoids Mariko, and Sasquatch avoids Wolverine the entire four days, and Magik shows up again, mad as ever, wanting her sword back. Angel refuses, so she magically whips up a new one instead.

Kurt Wagner (Earth-616) from Amazing X-Men Vol 2 3 002.jpg
Sooooo... if I'm your father in your dimension, then who's my lucky wife?
Conversation Tail.png

Her name's Wanda Maximoff. She calls herself the Scarlet Witch.
Conversation Tail.png
Kurt Wagner (Earth-616) from Amazing X-Men Vol 2 3 002.jpg
Reeeeaally? She's quite attractive...
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