Quote1.png I'm the immortal Vampire King! Do you think you can defeat me? What are you?! Stupid?! Quote2.png
-- Captain America

Appearing in "Avengers Forever part 1"

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  • Earth-3931 (Vampire Avengers Reality) (First appearance)
    • A SHIELD Base
    • Teep's Coffee, Internet Café; Mission District; San Francisco
    • The Falsworth Estate



Synopsis for "Avengers Forever part 1"

The Avengers break into a SHIELD facility, killing a team of guards in order to steal an ancient supernatural Totem.

The Exiles arrive in San Francisco, and do some research on the reality at a local coffee shop/internet café. They find out that Baron Blood won the battle against Captain America, turning Steve into a vampire, and in turn, changing the entire Avengers team into Vampires.

Avengers (Earth-3931) from Exiles Vol 1 31 0001.jpg

Morph finds information on the last Union Jack, Kenneth Crichton, son of Jacqueline Crichton, and grandson of the original Lord Montgomery Falsworth, so they give him a call in England. Kenneth has been in retirement for three years, since Cap disfigured him and took away Union Jack. So the Exiles prepare to battle Vampire Avengers on their own.

They find out where the Vampires are gathering, and go there to hit them hard. Polaris gets staked, Sunfire gets an arrow through the shoulder and bitten by Hawkeye, Hawkeye gets staked, and Cap gets his head cut off by Mimic's claws. Unfortunately, it takes more than decapitation to kill these vamps, since Cap's body gets up and puts it's head back on!


  • Mimic mentions three other Realities they've visited in this issue. A reality where Magik nearly killed Moira MacTaggert; one where she crippled Black Panther's son; and one where Morlock children could be lost forever.


  • Illyana tries to seduce both Mimic and Sunfire in this issue, seeming to preclude the fact that she is bi-sexual.
Exiles Vol 1 26 Textless.jpg
Or what? I get a spanking?
Conversation Tail.png
Exiles Vol 1 31 Textless.jpg
Yea. Good. The seductress thing. That won't piss me off much.
Conversation Tail.png
Exiles Vol 1 26 Textless.jpg
So how about you, hot stuff? Lonely?
Conversation Tail.png
Exiles Vol 1 21 Textless.jpg
No... But I do get bored occasionally. I'll let you know.
Conversation Tail.png

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