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Quote1.png I was the rightful heir after my Great-Uncle John, Baron Blood! Rogers had stolen my sovereignty! But thanks to all of you-- I have reclaimed it! Quote2.png
The Vampire King (Ken Crichton)

Appearing in "Avengers Forever Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Avengers Forever Part 2"

A bit taken aback by seeing Captain America re-attach his recently severed head, Mimic is in shock as Cap is about to strike the final blow. Then up through the floor comes Sasquatch, who proceeds to knock some serious sense into the Vampire King.

At Wasp's behest, Cap and Jan retreat, to find another spot to do the incantation, and recoup their losses.

Meanwhile, Sunfire is quickly taking a turn for the worse. It seems that if you're bitten by one of Cap's 'primes', you turn into a Vampire much more quickly than a regular vampire. Without other options, Mimic forces Illyana to teleport them all to England, for help from Kenneth Crichton, the last Union Jack.

At the Falsworth Estate, they find him and ask for help, and right as he's about to stake Sunfire, she explodes in a fireball, knocking everyone back. Mimic and Morph get her away from him and try to neutralize her, while Nocturne tries to explain that they don't want to kill her. Sasquatch knocks Sunfire out, but not after the entire East wing of the Estate has been reduced to cinders.

Once she is sedated with several anti-toxins and The Amulet of Quiox, they discuss their options. Crichton informs them that Cap must be killed to save her, and he is almost invulnerable, as only one extremely rare weapon can harm him, the Soul Sword of Bata's Circle. Luckily, this is the sword Magik carries.

Three hours later, the Vampire Avengers are trying their incantation again, this time in Golden Park, San Francisco, the site of the de-consecrated tombs of the High Lord Kolock.

Cap is finishing a lengthy and wordy speech when Nocturne nabs the Totem from his hands. Union Jack stops Cap from pursuing her, and everyone starts fighting. Ultimately, Cap is stabbed through the heart by Magik, killing him and healing Sunfire.

Though this also causes Union Jack to become the true and current Vampire King, which was his plan all along. He's felt robbed of his title since Rogers stole it from the original Baron Blood. He is about to convert Magik into a vampire when Sunfire is back at full strength, and char-broils all of the Vampires in the park, completing their mission.

Just as they're about to port out, Crichton gets one last incantation out, causing the Exiles to once again be split into different dimensions.

Morph and Sasquatch wake up in snow, and Sasquatch realizes it is northern Canada. They hear a howl, turn around and find Weapon X!

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Y'think he's friendly?
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Sure. He's naked, drooling and screaming. He's probably going to invite us out for Chinese food.
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