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Appearing in "A Second Farewell: Part 1 of 2"

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Synopsis for "A Second Farewell: Part 1 of 2"

Sasquatch and Morph are plopped down in the middle of Northern Canada, right in front of a very recently escapee from the torture of the Weapon X program, Wolverine, who is intent to kill them both.

Heather and Kevin brace themselves for the tussle, and manage to hold their own for a bit until Morph is cut in half. Sasquatch begins stomping Wolverine into the ground, but he takes his claws to the front and back of her ankle, severing her Achilles tendon. In one last burst of energy, she throws him as far as she can.

Morph reconstitutes himself, and they begin to flee as fast as they can, with Wolverine hot on their trails. (Heather's unable to leap long distances due to her injury). They come upon a cliff, and jump across, with it being just wide enough that Logan can't follow without climbing down then back up.

To keep herself from bleeding out, Heather has Morph make some surgical clamps out of pieces of his body and stitch her up with roots. As they recover, she knows Wolverine is getting closer by the second, and pleads with Morph to fly out on his own. He refuses, and she ends up knocking him out and covering him with pine needles so Logan won't find him.

As she waits for what she thinks might be her final fight, she thinks back on her home reality, how she became Sasquatch, and joined Alpha Flight. She remembers her first project, reforming "The Wild Man", her version of Logan that was found in the Canadian wilderness. Over time, he became her friend, her lover, and eventually her husband, and they were very happy. Until one day when the remaining controllers of the Weapon X Program enabled a dormant chip in his adrenal gland, causing him to go insane with rage. She was forced to kill him. She mourned his death for years, and while she moved on to find love in James Hudson, she never fully recovered from Logan's death.

The Logan of this reality finds her and is about to pounce until he senses something that stops him in his tracks. Heather reverts to her human form and embraces him, only to be plucked away by her leap out of his reality.


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