Quote1.png The happiest I have ever been... in my whole life...is right now... here with you. And if you love me at all... you won't try to take that away from me. If it lasts 50 years or ten more minutes... I'm not giving any of it up. Quote2.png
-- Sunfire

Appearing in "A Second Farewell: Part 2 of 2"

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Synopsis for "A Second Farewell: Part 2 of 2"

Mariko and TJ are blinked back into Legacy Planet, and quickly become surrounded by Vi-Locks. They barely escape through Sunfire's flight, but she quickly passes out since her body is still dealing with the Vampire infection from the last reality.

She wakes up in the Avengers compound in Las Vegas, complete with a surprise visitor, Mary Jane Watson (Spider-Woman). Nine days later, as Nocturne learns that they may be stuck there for a bit from Dr. McCoy, MJ and Mariko are making the best of it by getting closer in their relationship. 12 days later, they're routinely going on patrol with the other Avengers, subduing Vi-Locks to be inoculated. TJ notices how close Mariko and MJ are getting, and two days after that, they have a talk, and TJ warns her about getting too close, how it will be more painful when they have to leave. Mariko doesn't care.

4 days after that, while on a date together at a movie theater MJ had Doc Ock fix up, MJ brings up the same subject. Mariko explains that the time she's spent on Earth-8545 is the happiest time of her life, and she doesn't care how long she has there, but she'll live each moment to the fullest until it ends.

Almost two weeks later, while MJ is running a bath, Mariko and TJ blink on to the next reality, leaving MJ to miss Mariko back on Earth-8545.

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