Quote1.png Yes! I have always wanted to know if my soulsword could cut through his hide! Let's hear it for wacko alternate worlds! Quote2.png
-- Magik

Appearing in "Fantastic Voyage 1 of 3"

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  • The Fantastic Four's Rocket
  • Civilian cars

Synopsis for "Fantastic Voyage 1 of 3"

The Exiles find themselves in a field, in the middle of nowhere and never happened. The Timebroker informs them that as they suspected, the vampire, Lord Kenneth Crichton zapped them with a chaos spell as they were leaping to the next dimension, splitting them all up for different lengths of time. As the system is being reset, they compare notes.

Magik was dropped into the middle of the ocean for about ten minutes, Heather and Morph spent an hour fighting Wolverine on Earth-9927, TJ and Nocturne spent six weeks on Legacy Planet, and Mimic spent six months on a world completely inhabited by Brood.

As this comes to light, they're blinked out to what the Timebroker calls "a little piece of super hero history" on Earth-312. They arrive on The Fantastic Four's infamous shuttle flight, just before the cosmic radiation hits. The Four are spooked by the new visitors, but are forced to deal with the radiation, as it begins to tear the shuttle apart. Magik casts an absorption spell to absorb the radiation the Exiles would be exposed to, and upon re-entry, Morph lines the cockpit with his own body to soften the impact.

The Thing; Benjamin Grimm (Earth-312) from Exiles Vol 1 35 0001.jpg
Well, spank me and call me Alice.
Conversation Tail.png
Kevin Sidney (Earth-1081) from Exiles Vol 1 43 0001.jpg
Maybe later, big man!
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After the crash, the FF begin to go through their changes, with the Exiles coaching them on.

Quote1.png It's ok, Sue. It's ok. That's all you, girl. This is the first step. But maybe this time you should call yourself the Invisible Woman right from the get-go. Quote2.png

Everything goes as normal until it's Ben's turn, and he transforms into a massive raging Thing, with no shred of humanity left.

The Exiles battle him in an effort to get him medical attention, but he easily defeats them, and moves on to the highly-populated area of the Brooklyn Bridge!

Solicit Synopsis

The Exiles encounter an alternate world version of the Fantastic Four! But a startling secret at the heart of this FF may mean devastation for our heroes!


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