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Quote1.png Kill me... there's no time. I wasn't on the Brood Planet for six months, Heather... I was there for four years. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Fantastic Voyage: Part 2 of 3"

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Synopsis for "Fantastic Voyage: Part 2 of 3"

The Exiles and the newly formed Fantastic Four split up into three teams to help the raging Thing on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Mimic and Sasquatch go directly to him to try to keep him from hurting anybody, while Sue, TJ, Illyana, Mariko and Johnny help with croud crontrol, and everyone else heads over to Stark Incorporated to try to find a cure to Ben's current predicament.

Quote1.png We usually only see this kind of behavior from the Hulk! But at least he has the decency to sport those little purple panties! You're running around starkers! Quote2.png

The Thing is taking the fight under the Hudson River while Sue and Johnny are testing out their new powers under the tutelage of the Exiles while keeping the surrounding crowds safe. Back at Stark industries, Reed, Morph, Doctor Octopus, and Tony Stark are working to create a weapon that will revert Ben back to his normal state.

Just as the three brawlers emerge from fighting beneath the Hudson, Morph hits Ben with the weapon, and Ben is successfully transformed into the friendly, ever-loving blue-eyed Thing.

The cost of winning the battle is great. Sasquatch finds Mimic on the shore, barely conscious. He explains that Ben hit him while he was in his flesh form and his rib cage is shattered. His healing factor would repair the damage if it wasn't also trying to fend off the infection of a Brood egg in his body. It can't handle both at once, and he pleads with Heather to kill him before he becomes Brood. She is torn, and her indecision causes his full transformation into a child of the Brood, complete with him shooting her in the face with his optic beam!

Solicit Synopsis

The Exiles encounter an alternate world version of the Fantastic Four! But a startling secret at the heart of this FF may mean devastation for our heroes!


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