Quote1.png I feel as if I should say something... on this eve of the destruction of all mankind. Good riddance. Quote2.png
-- Magneto

Appearing in "King Hyperion: Part 1 of 3"

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Synopsis for "King Hyperion: Part 1 of 3"

Storm dies on Weapon X's mission to 'stop' Doctor Banner on Earth-40238, and Gambit takes it hard, while Colossus continues to question the need to murder so many people, and the rest of the gang seem to enjoy what they're doing.

As they leave Storm's body in 40238, they are joined by their newest teammate, Hyperion. They find themselves in a burned out School in Westchester, very recently destroyed by Sentinels. Bodies are still warm around them.

Quote1.png How come this Colossus pansy didn't end up with those goody-goody Exiles punks? Quote2.png
--The Spider

On Asteroid M, the Brotherhood are monitoring the situation on Earth, and Quicksilver presents the news to his father, who refuses to help the mutants who stood by humanity's side.

Quote1.png We'll destroy the humans, and any mutant stupid enough to stand beside them deserves the same fate. So swears Magneto. Quote2.png

Back at the school, the team are trying to figure out their mission while a discussion about Spider's past comes up.

Peter Parker (Earth-15) from Exiles Vol 1 12 0001.jpg
The Spider
God knows I can't wait to get back to my dimension and sit in prison for sixty-seven consecutive life sentences... Stupid jury
Conversation Tail.png

You were in prison, Spider? Then why help at all, if you don't want to go back?
Conversation Tail.png
Peter Parker (Earth-15) from Exiles Vol 1 12 0001.jpg
The Spider
Who said I'm helping? I'm just having fun!
Conversation Tail.png

He then presents the question, what happens if you say 'no' to the Taskmaster? Colossus never considered it before. In one of the upper rooms, Hyperion and Ms. Marvel are surveying the wreckage when she comes on to him. They have relations in one of the rooms, with Hyperion pretty much destroying her costume in the process. Meanwhile, Vision informs the rest of the team that their mission is to kill the remaining 10 mutants on Earth, three on Earth, and seven on Asteroid M. After they finish, Hyperion forces a terrified Kitty Pryde to come out of the closet, and they're interrupted by Colossus, who explains their mission. He's about to kill Kitty when Hyperion stops him, planning to stay on this Earth and rule it rather than go back to their own realities.

Quote1.png Once we release the tractor beam, it will be twenty-four hours before the asteroid impacts with Earth. The resulting explosion will fill the atmosphere with dangerous gases-- essentially rendering the planet a near lifeless dustball within a matter of weeks. Quote2.png

The Brotherhood go over the plan to destroy Earth once again, and Magneto seems flippant about the destruction of Billions of people.

Back at the school, Hyperion explains his plan to the rest of Weapon X. Vision rejects it immediately, and Hyperion immediately destroys his body, leaving him a screeching pile of melted metal, but not yet dead. Everyone else votes to abandon the mission and stay here.

Peter Parker (Earth-15) from Exiles Vol 1 12 0001.jpg
The Spider
Oh wait. Which option means I don't get to kill ten mutants? Can I at least kill some random humans to make up for it?
Conversation Tail.png

Sure. More than ten, if you like.
Conversation Tail.png
Peter Parker (Earth-15) from Exiles Vol 1 12 0001.jpg
The Spider
You da MAN! I like this guy. What's your name again?
Conversation Tail.png

Quicksilver gives the order to release the Asteroid that will destroy Earth.

Solicit Synopsis

The Weapon X squad of Exiles are in the spotlight! Blinded by power, new Exile Hyperion’s refusal to follow the team’s directive creates a struggle that leaves some unlikely members of Weapon X in precarious positions. Who will survive his wrath?

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