Quote1.png Of the two teams that are here-- the twelve people from Exiles and Weapon X-- only six will move on. The rest must die. Quote2.png
-- Gambit

Appearing in "A Blink in Time: Part 1 of 3"

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  • New York City Civilians




Synopsis for "A Blink in Time: Part 1 of 3"

The Exiles are still reeling from the loss of their beloved teammate, Sunfire. Morph explodes in an "It's all your fault" rant to Mimic, and both of them storm off. Magik notices that they've got company, who is Gambit of Weapon X, and she goes after Morph while Blink goes after Mimic.

Blink catches up to Mimic, who is taking out his frustration with his situation on the morlock tunnels. He explains that he let things get out of control, and he is sad to see Mariko go, but glad Blink is back in her place.

Magik catches up to Morph, who doesn't believe that she's sincerely worried about him. She explains that the reason she's with the Exiles is that if she doesn't fix her reality, she will kill her own family as a result. Morph consoles her, and she kisses him for it. He tells her that its crazy for her to act this way, and that now is not the right time.

Mimic and Blink talk about how she was returned to David Richards' world, and everyone was much older. They reacquaint themselves.

Gambit recounts the past adventures of Weapon X, how he had to trick Spider, Ms. Marvel, and Hyperion into finishing the missions, and how it only worked twice before Hyperion caught on and tried to take the Tallus from him by shooting off his arm. But the Tallus instinctively switched arms just after it happened, and Gambit survived by escaping into the Morlock tunnels. There he waited a month until the Exiles arrived. Just then, the Tallus gives them their mission, only six of the twelve people on both teams will survive this reality.

In Times Square, Spider runs to tell Hyperion that he's sensed the Exiles arrive. With the super hero bodies littered around his feet, Hyperion is thrilled to have more heroes to kill.

Solicit Synopsis

The triumphant return of BLINK!!


  • Page 21, which shows the quote listed above, is colored incorrectly, with what is supposed to be Magik's head colored as if it was Blink's.

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