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Quote1.png Pathetic. So this is your last stand, Gambit? With these weakling Exiles? I should have ripped your head off instead of your arm. Quote2.png

Appearing in "A Blink in Time: Conclusion"

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Synopsis for "A Blink in Time: Conclusion"

On the rooftop overlooking Times Square, Heather Hudson has lost a lot of blood and is going into shock. The only option to save her life is for Nocturne to possess her and force her change back into Sasquatch, causing her healing factor to kick in. Unfortunately, Talia can only possess one person per day, so this would negate their plan to take over Hyperion. They decide that they can't let Heather die, and force her turn.

Morph is blindly rushing Hyperion in a rage after seeing Illyana killed. Mimic manages to get between them and pull off a Cyclops eye-blast at the same time as Hyperion sends an eye-flash their way. The resulting explosion knocks both Mimic and Morph to the ground, and Hyperion flings Mimic into a nearby building by his head. He then starts strangling Morph, who just smiles and turns into a giant set of teeth, biting Hypey's arm. (While calling him 'Hypey'). Hyperion lands a punch square into Morph's face, which goes flat, and Mimic gets back up and double fists Hyperion in the face at Northstar's speed. As Morph is getting back up, Ms. Marvel joins in, blasting him with energy from behind.

Quote1.png I've got enough energy for one more blast... just enough to kill you. Quote2.png
--Ms. Marvel

Morph grabs her with two giant hands and smashes deep into the ground, burying them both in a pile of rubble.

As Mimic tries to land a Wolverine-clawed, Colossus-metal-encased punch to Hyperion's face, the claws shatter, and Hyperion crushes his hand like tin foil, explaining his back story.

So strong-- almost a challenge!
Conversation Tail.png

Conversation Tail.png

Yes. Almost. I destroyed all of my reality's super-humans. Thor. Hercules. Galactus. One on one. In groups. It didn't matter. None could stand against me.
Conversation Tail.png

Conversation Tail.png

As I was saying-- none. In desperation, the humans even tried nuclear weapons. Destroyed their environment. Their own atmosphere. they thought they could find a way to destroy me, too. But they were wrong. Nothing could stop me. Not even my own sense of boredom with it all. Nothing.
Conversation Tail.png

Just then, Blink teleports Sasquatch about 50 feet above Hyperion, and she lands a punch to his head, with help from gravity. Nocturne steps out of Heather's body, and she lies down to heal. Talia, along with Blink and Gambit start attacking Hyperion, and he starts throwing gigantic hunks of concrete and steel at them, still on fire from Firestar's last energies. Gambit is knocked down, and Hyperion heads for Blink. Nocturne jumps on his shoulder, sending hex bolts into his head, but he grabs her by the neck and flings her away.

Quote1.png You people are so annoying. Will you please just die? Oh dear. Is that all you have to offer, Blink? A sharp pointy rock? Can't you see how thoroughly futile this is? Die with some dignity, woman. Quote2.png

He fires an eye-blast at her, and she turns the 'pointy rock' into a portal, blinking the blast at his back, and causing him to not be able to feel his legs. Gambit gets up above him, and with one final blow, stabs Hyperion in the back with Magik's Soulsword, charged with energy. They are seemingly vaporized.

The Exiles regroup, and civilians help Morph out of the rubble, which seems to have killed Ms. Marvel. As Morph surveys the damage, amused by the fact that they've destroyed two New York Cities in a row, the Timebroker appears, telling him that he can go home. He explains that two teams of Reality Jumpers was a mistake, and with psychos mixed in the bunch, the decisions that were made began to be a bit insane as well. Hence the need to kill off some of the agents. He slips and says:

Quote1.png You weren't the first group of reality-fixers we brought together... but have been the most successful. Quote2.png

He claims 'We' was a slip of the collective-subconscious tongue, and further explains that Morph's reality has been repaired, and he can go home. Morph declines, explaining that this team is his family now, and he could never leave them. The Timebroker fades away.

As Morph catches up with the team, he forgives Mimic for the accident that killed Sunfire, and they hug, agreeing that they're more like brothers than friends.

The Exiles spend the next 24 hours recuperating in an abandoned apartment, watching the news talk all about the mysterious strangers who saved their planet, and falling asleep before the next adventure arrives.

Solicit Synopsis

The Exiles don’t have time to celebrate Blink’s return… because the fate of an entire world is at stake, and it’s their job to save it. Who survives the ordeal?


  • In this issue, Morph morphs into: a giant, spiked, flying version of himself; a melting puddle of goo, representing the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz; giant cement fists; big over-sized teeth; Superman, with an M where the S goes; giant hands; a clown.


  • All of the advertisements for Coca Cola, Pepsi, Samsung, etc are removed from the backgrounds here. It's possible they were no longer allowed to draw the trademarks after the last issue.

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