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Appearing in "Earn Your Wings: part 2 of 3"

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  • A Nazi Submarine (In Flashback)

Synopsis for "Earn Your Wings: part 2 of 3"

Earth-2189 from Exiles Vol 1 47 0001.jpg

Namora flashes back to when she was forced to kill the Fantastic Four of her world. As the 616 versions interrogate her, she recounts her childhood and the story of her earth.

On a nearby rooftop, Ben and Johnny are on patrol, looking for Namora's friends, and on another rooftop, the Exiles blink in. Ben and Johnny eventually find them, and a battle ensues, which rages into the lab where Namora is being interrogated!

Solicit Synopsis

There’s no rest for the weary when there are realities to save! After the devastating events of their last mission, the Exiles hope for a little downtime, only to find themselves ’ported directly into a none-too-friendly reception from the regular Marvel Universe! This X-MEN: RELOAD issue is a perfect jumping-on point, featuring the debut of new writer TONY BEDARD (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Negation) and the promotion of EXILES cover artist MIZUKI SAKAKIBARA to regular artist! Guest-starring the Fantastic Four and Beak from NEW-X-MEN!

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