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Appearing in "Mission Impossible"

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  • Earth-14845 (Impossible Man Reality) (First appearance)



Synopsis for "Mission Impossible"

In Washington, D.C., The Exiles were aghast as they viewed the giant paper dolls the Avengers had been turned into with the toilet bowl which used to be the Capitol Building in the background.

Blink had Mimic do some reconnaissance, where he found a crashed SHIELD Helicarrier and no SHIELD agents. The Tallus told Blink that they were there to "Free The Impossible Man", though she didn't know who that was. Morph explained who the Impossible Man from his world was, as they continue to search for clues. The Impossible Man of this world seems to be able to transform the shape of others as well as himself.

Mimic found a group of five people, and attempted to talk to them, only to find out that they were nothing more than The Impossible Man's five fingers, and he captured Mimic!

In the helicarrier, the Exiles reviewed footage of recent events, and figured out that this Impossible Man was capable of changing anything at will, and had a strange disc attached to his forehead. Just then, Nick Fury popped on the monitor and explained the situation. The Controller wanted to control Impy's power, and slapped a slave disc on him in an effort to do so. Ever since, The Impossible Man has gone berserk.

On the run from the maniac, Mimic turned and zapped him with an eye beam, seemingly destroying him. The Exiles blinked in, and quickly found that he was not destroyed as he started attacking them all. He eventually transformed them all into stuffed animals, except for Beak, who became a bucket of chicken, and Morph, who was left to fight on his own. Morph cracked a joke and noticed that Impy started acting like his normal self, and began a comedy routine to continue the trend. The plan worked, and destroyed the disc. The Impossible Man explains that he was just trying to be funny, but couldn't remember what funny meant due to the disc. He puts everything back to normal, and the Exiles move on.

Quote1.png Well Namora, it's like the man said-- 'Dying is easy. Comedy's hard!' Quote2.png

Solicit Synopsis

S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier destroyed and the Capitol dome has been turned into a giant toilet! Something strange, impossible even, is going on in Washington D.C. and it’s up to the Exiles to get to the bottom of it, all before next month’s issue #50!

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